The Ultimate Vegan Super Bowl Recipe Guide

A collection of the ultimate vegan Super Bowl recipes to score BIG at home this weekend!

Vegan Super Bowl Recipes - Dream in Lace

Oh yes – the Super Bowl is on Sunday and by golly am I ready to cheer HARD for the Atlanta Falcons. I mean, I’ve never really rooted for them before but god help me if the Patriots win another Super Bowl. I mean, I think I will actually shrivel up into a ball of disappointment if they pull off another victory. Personally, I’m an Indianapolis Colts fan and watching them struggle all season long was bad enough without adding another championship ring to Tom Brady’s finger. 

*Sorry if you’re a New England fan. I promise I don’t hate you. I don’t at all. I just…really don’t want your team to win.*

My First Vegan Super Bowl

One thing that makes this year’s Super Bowl a little bit different? Welp. I went vegan in late February 2016 and I’m gonna have to rethink my usual routine of attacking a cheese board. 

No doubt, going vegan has been nothing short of an AMAZING decision and one of my favorite discoveries is the comradery around holidays and special occasions through the year. Aside from stuffing my face, of course, I spent copious amounts of time scrolling tags like #VeganEaster, #VeganThanksgiving and #VeganChristmas over the holidays. Everyone comes together and shares pictures of their beautiful feasts and shares kind words and “ohmygod does that look good!” on others’ posts. It’s a beautiful thing.

In short – becoming vegan has only added a whole new level of joy at the holidays.  

As I prepare to embark on my first #VeganSuperBowl I thought I’d invite you into my thought process to get ready. Like every holiday, I’m entering Super Bowl weekend by looking at pictures of food and debating what menu items I’m most hungry for. It’s a very scientific process, I assure you. 

A Vegan Super Bowl Feast that Even NON-Vegans Can Enjoy

For the pleasure of all of our taste buds, I’ve compiled a list of the ULTIMATE vegan Super Bowl recipes – that even non-vegans will enjoy. From tacos, to nachos, to chili, to buffalo wings, to potato skins…what more could you want?

These recipes are so heavenly, they’re guaranteed to make everyone happy. Yes, even those people that look at every single vegan thing you eat as though it was grown on mars. Yes, even they will enjoy these recipes, I promise! And they won’t even know that they’re all gloriously and deceptively vegan.

So get a pad of paper and pen handy, because you’re gonna wanna start building your shopping list for Sunday’s big game. Oh yes, it’s Super Bowl time once again in America and by golly we shall EAT!

With that I present, 10 insanely delicious vegan Super Bowl recipes. Your taste buds will thank me:

Vegan Super Bowl Recipe 1: Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Oh my god, is this recipe SO delicious. Very quickly after becoming a vegan I discovered Hot for Food and their Buffalo Cauliflower recipe is among the first things I tried. The batter has such great spice to it and crisps up so nicely, with the cauliflower perfectly moist (*cringe* I know, that word is awful but accurate) on the inside. I’ve made this recipe several times now for chicken lovers and they agree, it’s a WINNER. I’m definitely making these on Sunday. Recipe, here!

Vegan Super Bowl Recipe #2: Lentil Tacos and Guacamole

I’m frickin’ obsessed with tacos, okay. I could easily include about 15 variations of tacos at my Super Bowl party and be damn happy. Lentils work so perfectly for tacos though and I thought my personal recipe would be the perfect option for your vegan Super Bowl Sunday. Also included is my recipe for guacamole, which is a guaranteed MUST for any Super Bowl party worth attending. I think we’ll all be eating LOTS of guac on Sunday! Recipe, here.


Vegan Super Bowl Recipe #3: The BEST Lentil Chili

I’ve made this lentil chili probably about 50 times now. No, that’s not an exaggeration. I ate this like a mad woman back when I was vegetarian – both with and without cheese. It’s just so delicious! The flavoring is spot on perfect and you’ll find yourself going back for more and more. I’ve also tried this served over a baked potato and if you were feeling really frisky you could spoon it over for some fries as well. Go wild! Recipe, here.

Vegan Super Bowl Recipe #4: Beer Battered Onion Rings

Hi, my name is Kelly and I have an obsession with onion rings. And being vegan won’t stop me!! Eclectic Everyday‘s recipe for beer battered onion rings is insanely delicious and I dare say, the non-vegans won’t suspect a thing. YES! Finally, you might be able to enjoy a meal without having to explain your “weird” veganism. I know, the silence while you eat will be worth celebration alone. Recipe, here!

Vegan Super Bowl Recipe #5: Potato Skins

Hell Yea It’s Vegan is maybe the best name for a food blog, ever, and they serve up a pretty tasty recipe for potato skins. Yes, as you would expect – even vegans are all about the CARBS and the CHEESE at the Super Bowl party. Recipe, here!

Vegan Super Bowl Recipe #6: Pretzel Bites with Spicy Mustard Dip

Vegan Richa knows the secret to everyone’s heart, fluffy pretzel bites and mustard. Put them both together and voila! A Super Bowl dream come true. Fortunately, pretzels on the whole are vegan…so on Sunday, bring on the pretzels! Recipe, here.

Bang Bang Cauliflower Appetizer - Vegan

Olives for Dinner – Bang Bang Cauliflower Recipe

Vegan Super Bowl Recipe #7: Bang Bang Cauliflower

With a name like “Bang Bang”, I’m in from the start. In addition to your Buffalo wings, feel free to pile on these delicious cauliflower creations. Like many great things, I discovered this recipe by Olives for Dinner on Pinterest and I have absolutely no regrets. Recipe, here!

Vegan Super Bowl Recipe #8: Pulled Barbecue Carrots

Having been a vegetarian for a very long time before becoming vegan, I barely remember what actually pulled pork tastes like. That’s of absolutely no concern though, because this carrot alternative with sweet onions is a guaranteed fan-favorite substitution. Recipe, here!

Vegan Super Bowl Recipe #9: The Sharp Cheddar Cheese Ball

I’m here to tell you, if you haven’t yet tried cashew cheese – you’re missing out. Even the biggest of real cheese lovers will admit, cashew cheese is really coming into its own. And I ask you, what better way to celebrate the Super Bowl than with a massive almond encrusted cheese ball? It screams tradition. Challenge, accepted! Recipe, here.

Vegan Super Bowl Recipe #10: Black Bean Enchiladas, Mmm!

Traditionally, my family makes nachos for the Super Bowl, but I’m feeling like stepping out of the box a little bit this year and springing for enchiladas. Of course, we’ll top these off with -yes- guacamole. It would simply be wrong not to! Recipe, here.


Are you feeling hungry now? I sure am! My shopping list for Sunday is filling up quite nicely. I’m also getting VERY excited for Lady Gaga!

I confess, I usually don’t watch the halftime show because that’s when I’m going to the restroom or refilling my plate. But, I have been hoping for Lady Gaga to get gig for years and she’s finally done it! Last year she gave a slam dunk performance of the National Anthem before Peyton Manning collected another Championship ring. This year, she’ll be taking center stage at halftime and I’m fully prepared to dance my heart out alongside her! 

While I might not be able to count on the Falcons winning, I can definitely count on Lady Gaga to bring it! She always does, after all:


As always, thank you SO much for reading and I wish you a very happy Super Bowl weekend. Like I said, I’m 100% cheering for the Atlanta Falcons to pull out a win. Who are you rooting for? I always find it interesting how people pick their favorite team in the Super Bowl so let me know. Are you Team NFC and the Atlanta Falcons. Or, are you Team AFC and the New England Patriots?

And perhaps even more importantly, what are you planning to eat?! *wink*


As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!