New York Fashion Week Opens with Unity and Diversity at Nicholas K

t’s Day 1 of New York Fashion Week and the Nicholas K Fall 2017 collection is rich with diversity.  

Nicholas K Fall 2017 Runway at NYFW - Dream in Lace

At a time in our history and on a day when the 9th court of appeals cast a unanimous vote against the presidential administration’s travel ban, it seems more important than ever to remember our principles of unity and diversity. Nicholas K agrees – and opened New York Fashion Week with a Fall 2017 collection inspired by the 90’s, a decade wrought with promise and diversity.

It’s tradition at Dream in Lace to kick-off New York Fashion Week coverage by ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the latest creations from favorite brother and sister duo, Nicholas and Christopher Kunz. What I DON’T usually do is directly quote the show notes to you. Today, I shall. 

Nicholas K Fall 2017 Collection Notes:

The 90’s was a decade promising communal diversity and unity. Beginning with the release of Nelson Mandela and continuing community advocacy of the Guardian Angels. This decade was also the Golden Age of hip-hop. Artists’ wide-ranging topics, political militancy undertones and experimentalism became celebration of diverse widespread cultural acceptance. The late 90’s digital world brought the promise of global humanitarian community. Recent events seem to unravel this progress and it’s no relevant to revisit the promise of the 90’s.

Fashion is a Statement

Fashion is certainly no stranger to making a political statement. Last season, I attended a show that featured hateful images of our sitting president on tees. Dior is making a call for the rise of modern feminism. Balenciaga’s fall menswear collection was ablaze with an altered Bernie Sanders’ logo. Yes, statements have been made throughout fashion history and will no doubt continue to be made through the fashion month calendar ahead.

I like that Nicholas K elected to make their statement by continuing a statement they’ve been making all along. Diversity is, in many ways, the foundation of Nicholas K and making it the signature of the Fall 2017 seems timely and just. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a good throwback to the 90’s? Don’t know about you, but I’ve been turning to the 90’s a lot recently. Gravitating towards classic music of the 90’s, movies and even television. (Did you know Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is on Amazon Prime? Well, I certainly do! *wink*)

But, Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready to start this sartorial flashback to the 90’s? Nicholas K opened their fall collection with a sassy metallic look that screams hip-hop. It’s a delight – and frankly, so is the whole 60+ look collection!

Nicholas K Fall 2017 runway - NYFW

Nicholas K Fall 2017 runway - NYFW

Nicholas K Fall 2017 runway - NYFW

Nicholas K Fall 2017 runway - NYFW

Nicholas K Fall 2017: Built from Scratch

Entitled Built from Scratch, the Nicholas K fall collection features a palette of crimson and gold. They also continue their reign on flowing fabrics with wrapped shirts and dresses that drape beautifully and look comfortable heck. Who needs slim, confining clothes when you can be a virtually floating goddess? Yes, please.

You’ll also notice some rather interesting jewelry on the runway. Those pieces are actually by K/LLER Collection and are made of recycled metal and cast-offs from the farming industry. Of course, it would be weird as a vegan to ooh and ahh over pieces with animal horns – but I always appreciate a brand’s commitment to sustainable living and K/ller Collection definitely tries to responsibly craft their pieces. (Though, I find the de-horning practice of the meat industry to be very cruel. Have to say that!)

Nicholas K Fall 2017 runway - NYFW

Nicholas K Fall 2017 runway - NYFW

Nicholas K Fall 2017 runway - NYFW

Nicholas K Fall 2017 runway - NYFW

Fifty Shades of Grey

Among my favorite looks of the Nicholas K Fall 2017 collection is the closing series of gray pieces that drape, wrap and tie to perfection. In fashion, we often see so much color or monochrome looks of crisp white and black.Grey has a reputation for being dull, but I actually find it to be soothing and think wearing head-to-toe grey is a striking new statement.

(Comical side note, I’m watching Annie on Netflix right now and they’re singing currently ‘Tomorrow’. The timing of “When I’m stuck in a day that’s grey and lonely” was hilariously on point. Anyway…)

Nicholas K Fall 2017 runway - NYFW

Nicholas K Fall 2017 runway - NYFW

Nicholas K Fall 2017 runway - NYFW

Needless to say, I’m still smitten with Nicholas and Christopher Kunz. Their ability to deliver cool, stylish clothes that celebrate cultural diversity is always a terrific start to New York Fashion Week and they certainly did not disappoint for the Nicholas K Fall 2017 collection.

And, because I think Nicholas K fashions are best admired in motion, I tracked down the full runway video for your viewing pleasure. The runway track is by Rob Swift ft. Latasha Alcindor. 

Looking Ahead at Fashion Week:

Looking ahead to the rest of New York Fashion Week, let me know if you have any collections you’d REALLY like to see covered. The fall collections are always among my favorites and I’m hoping to discuss many of them here with you guys. We also have two MAJOR designer debuts this week: Raf Simons at Calvin Klein and the Monse takeover at Oscar de la Renta. Beyond those, it’s just a majorly stacked fashion week as a whole. The schedule is virtually over-flowing with genius! Let me know what collections you’re most interested in seeing and be sure to follow me on Twitter for loads more NYFW updates! 


Thank you to Nicholas K for providing these gorgeous runway images! To learn more about Nicholas K and peruse their current collection, visit their website here

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