Let’s Talk about Kate Spade for a Moment

It’s a Kate Spade double feature! At the Russian Tea Room, NYFW showcased both the new Kate Spade Fall 2017 and Spring 2017 collections were on display. One for dreaming of for the future – one for buying right now. Win, win!

Kate Spade Fall 2017 and Spring 2016 Presentation - NYFW

I feel like we don’t talk much about Kate Spade anymore, which is a mistake. So, whilst watching the Grammys red carpet on my television, I wanted to spring together a quick post about the amazing Kate Spade presentation at NYFW on Friday.

This season, Kate Spade hosted an immersive two-level presentation at the Russian Tea Room. On display? Both the Spring 2017 and NEW Kate Spade Fall 2017 collections. In a world where we’re all coming to grips with the demands for fast fashion, it was a well-rounded event that satisfied everyone’s fashionable desires. (Gonna take this moment to say that I think “see now buy now” is ridiculous and puts unnecessary pressure on designers and retailers. C’mon. Patience, people?)

Kate Spade Visits 1920’s Paris for Fall

To me, it’s always a great thing when designers pull inspiration from the Parisain 1920’s. It was a decade rich with creativity and expression, making it a sartorial delight to live again through fashionable creations. The Russian Tea Room made for the perfect backdrop for the rich Kate Spade Fall 2017 collection, that features a color palette of dark cherry and poppy reds, intertwined with creams and camel. 

One thing that definitely caught my eye was the use of denim. While we’re all familiar with Kate Spade, I don’t think any of us would expect denim to be a real showpiece of a collection. For Fall though, denim gets a girly twist and is paired with stunning capes and embroidered jackets. 

The latest Kate Spade Fall collection also features pearl necklaces, giving prim and polish to otherwise eclectic styling. As always, every Kate Spade look is styled to perfection from head to toe – with no detail too small to consider. It’s this high attention to detail and putting a fashionable spin on everything from buttons to shoe laces that puts Kate Spade at the top of my list for styling every season, and Fall 2017 was no exception. 

Kate Spade Fall 2017 - NYFW

Kate Spade Fall 2017 - NYFW

Kate Spade Fall 2017 - NYFW

This looks gives off a lot of Olivia Palermo vibes, and I’m not complaining.

Kate Spade Fall 2017 - NYFW

Kate Spade Fall 2017 - NYFW

Kate Spade Fall 2017 - NYFW

SUCH a great look. Love the marching band aesthetic of the peacoat paired with the vibrancy of the trousers.

Kate Spade Fall 2017 - NYFW

Not that I’m in need of anymore overcoats, but this cloak is stupendous!

Kate Spade Fall 2017 - NYFW

Kate Spade Fall 2017 - NYFW

Now, a Little Spring Fling!

Like I said, the Kate Spade team was covering all their bases during this NYFW circuit. After guests finished taking in the decadent Fall 2017 collection, they were invited to relive the crisp and cheerful Spring 2017 collection on the second level of NYC’s Russian Tea Room. The Spring collection is currently available for purchase and features cheerful and poppy floral prints. 

I know what you’re thinking: florals, for spring? Groundbreaking. 

But let’s give Kate Spade credit for floral prints that are high-level and make for some KILLER shoes, bags, dresses and blouses. I mean, yes. If you’re going to go all out with a floral print, Kate Spade certainly does it right. 

Before I head off to fully enjoy the Grammy awards, I just wanted to appreciate Kate Spade’s efforts to really involve customers in the NYFW experience. The Spring 2017 presentation hosted a Facebook Live event that allowed customers to ask questions and learn more about the Spring collection, up close and personal.

So often, I think the fashion world is criticized for not being all that inviting and inclusive – so for Kate Spade to make the effort to host an interactive live stream event for fans is pretty darn cool if you ask me. There’s much debate about how to mix up fashion week and more two-way conversation between brands and the client base seems like a winning way to do it. Bravo, Kate Spade!



On that note, I am off to take in the Grammys red carpet and live-tweet my way through all of tonight’s performances. We have some very busy days ahead at New York Fashion Week. Check back for more great collections! xo

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