Betsey Johnson is Here to Save Us!!!

Oh snap, Valentine’s Day is only a week away! This Betsey Johnson sale is here to save us all and these are my funky, princess fashion favorites!

Betsey Johnson Sale Picks - Valentine's Day

Currently, I’m sat clutching my pearls with severe anxiety over the state of this country right now. It was 70 degrees today, our administration is fighting the EPA and man do I wish I was less informed about the devastating reality facing our environment right now. Somewhere in all my research, a scientist said something to the effect of – “the problem is, most people know too little and few people know too much.” 

Well, I guess I’m in the “knows too much” category because I am seriously an anxious mess right now. Something major needs to be done – and it’s not going to happen. In fact – it’s only going to get worse. At a time when we have absolutely no time to waste, we’re going to waste it all. Great.

(See how chipper I am?)

This Betsey Johnson Sale is Here to Save Us

Anyway, as I’m a nervous wreck I thought I’d distract myself with some emails and guess what I discovered? Betsey Johnson currently has a great Valentine’s Day sale going on, with 20% off of everything. I thought, “Hey, I could continue to sit here wanting to vomit…or, I could peruse pretty, funky articles of clothing.” 

And so, that’s what this post is!

A round up of my favorite Betsey Johnson fashion picks that you can currently snag at 20% off – or, pin to your Pinterest board to have hanging in your virtual closet. You know, whichever fits your budget. Quite frankly, I think we could ALL use a little Betsey Johnson in our lives at a time like this. Talk about a woman with serious SPUNK! 

Betsey Johnson cartweel gif

Betsey Johnson: Athletic and Fashionable 

Aside from her mad cart-wheeling capabilities, Betsey Johnson also features a wide-variety of fun attire for all your girly endeavors. I, as I always do, started out in the dresses and my-oh-my does she have some lovely ones available right now. Just this morning I read this Valentine’s Day outfit post showcasing a floral print instead of the standard red, I thought it was a delicious idea and Betsey Johnson sure does follow suit, delivering a collection of vivid florals to brighten up your closet (and day). 

In addition to being the queen of party dresses, Betsey Johnson also has fun and festive sleepwear attire and EVEN some insanely fabulous coats! Yes, coats. She has coats. Is this a new thing? Somehow I can’t recall her sell coats before? Oh, and don’t think I missed the use of faux fur and leather, Betsey, because I definitely noticed and LOVE it. Cruelty-free fashion with spice. I’ll take it!

Betsey Johnson is also Surprisingly Affordable!

Since we’re all so used to her runway theatrics, you might be thinking that Betsey Johnson comes with a hefty price tag. But, I dare say, you’ll be impressed with just how affordable her party attire, loungewear and even bathing suits are. The prices are good on their own, but add in 20% off and…winning! All you have to do is use the promo code HEARTS at check-out.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Ready to for some fun and funky Betsey Johnson fashion to lift your spirits? Feast away!

Betsey Johnson Sale Favorites


Of course, I wager you’ll want to peruse the full-site to see everything Betsey Johnson has in-store for us this year. I can attest that the woman does wonders for lifting your spirits. After about an hour browsing her website, I’m feeling much better!

If you pick something up, don’t forget to use the code HEARTS at check-out to save 20% – and let me know what you get! A new robe? A new dress? Both? *wink*

Peruse the Betsey Johnson website here, for all the goods!

As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!