10 Fashion Girls to Follow on Instagram

Meet 10 fashion girls to follow on Instagram. Because, who doesn’t love a spruced up feed filled with pretty?

10 Fashion Girls to Follow on Instagram

Oh Instagram, I think we all have a love/hate relationship with this visually addictive social media platform. Sometimes you love scrolling through everyone’s filtered lives…other times, it makes you feel really out of touch with reality. I mean, obviously life is not as grand as a well curated Instagram profile…but we all keep scrolling and double-tapping anyway.

In 2016, Instagram and Eva Chen went on a mission to make the social media platform the ultimate for fashion lovers everywhere. That’s right, no need to venture out to SnapChat, Twitter or Facebook – Instagram now encompasses ALL of the above. With all the new changes, our favorite fashionistas are really able to expand the way they use the app. Now, in addition to stunning outfit of the day shots – we can now watch fashion girls and bloggers take us through their day, into the latest press events, onto the latest runway and even to bed with them at night. 

10 Fashion Girls to Follow on Instagram, Pronto

With SO many great uses for creating Insta-Style content these days, I wanted to share with a list of 10 fashion girls to follow on Instagram that I think you’re going to LOVE! These ladies are always sharing exciting Insta-stories, creative stunning outfit posts and are just down right beautiful.

In putting this list together, I also aimed to pick ladies you may not have heard of. I mean, it’s so easy to find the fashion girls with 1 million+ followers. These are lovely hidden gems awaiting your discovery!


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Dani of Mermaid Waves

It was Dani’s love of pizza that immediately caught my attention and I’ve been enjoying her off-beat sense of style and foodstagrams ever since. Dani is based in Chicago and takes us all over the Windy City – including into pizzerias for their famous deep-dish pizza. Yum, yum. (I mean, obviously she has great style – but we’re kind of all here for the pizza, right?)


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Lorna of LCS Closet

I discovered LCS Closet through Retro Flame (another great fashion blog/Insta). Lorna’s based in NYC and since New York is essentially my favorite place on earth, I love seeing her fashionable adventures all around the city. Over the holidays she took us home with her back to Ireland, which added just another dimension to her greatness. 

Niamh Sullivan of Cinnamon Soul

Okay fine, Niamh is another New York City based fashion girl but she’s also downright gorgeous! She is also really great at making good use of the Boomerang feature on Insta-Story and takes you all around New York with a cool black-and-white filter vibe. 

Hello Miss Jordan

Jordan is such a beauty! Seriously, she’s like a human doll she’s just so gorgeous. In addition to her beauty, Jordan has amazing style and is a pro at walking your through her daily adventures both through picture posts and Instagram stories. It you love beauty, sweetness and darling accents – she’s your girl. 

Louise Pando

Louise’s Instagram is truly unbelievable. Recently she took a trip to Russia that virtually had my eyeballs bursting at the sight of such architecture and interior design. Her vivid red hair and personal approach to styling are also swoon-worthy and she uses Instagram as a virtual peep-hole into her adventurous life – filled with travel and insanely gorgeous fashion. 

Style Sprinter

Katya does great Insta-story makeup tutorials. She’s a lot more than that, but watching people put together their makeup of the day always fascinates me and she does a stand-up job. Speaking of job/work in general, I have to give this girl credit for really cranking out the content! She delivers beauty, fashion, lifestyle and even work-related content that will really inspire you. Definitely check her out! 


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Laura of Tiny Twisst

As a girl with straight hair, I find Laura’s curls infectious. She also has piercingly beautiful blue eyes and could double as an Olsen twin. She’s based in the UK and has such a charming approach to photography that will have you double-tapping left and right. All the hearts!


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Kim of Love Cloth Blog

What I most like about Kim is that she’s kind of a Tom boy. While most fashion and style bloggers are usually dashing around in traditional feminine silhouettes with lace detailing, she’s never afraid to rock just a really comfy sweater and boyfriend pair of jeans. She’s a bubbly down-to-earth girl that marches to her own beat. Love it!


A photo posted by Olivia (@livpurvis) on

Liv Purvis of What Olivia Did

Liv is positively delightful and beautiful – with a charming British accent to boot. I’m frequently pinning her blog posts to my Style Inspo board on Pinterest because she has a true knack for pulling together a killer outfit. But, on Instagram…she also shares her baking adventures, love of tea and just lots of really cute things. 


A photo posted by Kelly (@dreaminlace) on

Dream in Lace

Cheap ploy to plug myself, right? But in all seriousness, I’m really enjoying Instagram lately! After considering the platform all-together last year, I’ve been enjoying sharing more outfit posts, my vegan cooking creations and showing off adorable family dogs like this gal, Ruthie. 


Who are your favorite fashion girls to follow on Instagram? Let me know!

As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!