Let’s Talk About the Tarte In Bloom Palette

A question we all ask ourselves on a semi-regular basis: what is my dream eyeshadow palette? Well, the Tarte In Bloom palette is making a strong case.

Tarte In Bloom Palette - Dream in Lace

Oh hello there, dreamer! I’m back today with another Tarte review. Say what? Yes. I seem to be on a bit of a Tarte kick lately. Foundation, concealer, cheek products, mascara, lip paints…you name it, I’ve been pretty much splashing it on my face every day. In addition to the Tarte goodies I already have living in my vanity, I acquired their stunning In Bloom palette this month — which could possibly be the best neutral palette of all time.

*mic drop*

I know. That’s a lofty statement. I also know that Tarte eyeshadows have been the subject of many great debates in the beauty community. While we all agree Tarte is on their A-game just about everywhere, on eyeshadow they’re charged with being inconsistent. Quality can vary shade to shade within a palette. Shades can vary in quality from palette to palette. It’s a makeup conundrum.

In March, I thought I had Tarte’s eyeshadow game figured out. The Amazonian Clay shadows are just drier than what many of us are used to. Then…I tested out the Tarte In Bloom palette and that theory fell flat on its face. *womp* The good great news? All twelve shadows in this stunning palette (yes, all) are extremely smooth and soft, with even pigmentation. Quite frankly, this palette is so great it makes me question ever questioning Tarte’s eyeshadows to begin with.

Let’s dig in and take a closer look!

Tarte In Bloom Palette - Dream in Lace

Inside the Tarte In Bloom palette you will find a feast of twelve Amazonian Clay eyeshadows. I’m very happy to report that 100% each and every shade is strongly pigmented and smooth. No weird patchiness. No patting and patting on your lid and wondering where the eyeshadow went. No issues at all, honestly. It blew my mind.

In the palette, the eyeshadows are organized into three rows of four shades. It’s my personal belief that each row can be used as a standard “quad”. So, if you’re feeling a bit lazy, uninspired or in need of direction – try using the rows as an eyeshadow quad and I think you’ll be pleased with what you come up with for yourself. That said, I personally love all of the shadows and like to bounce around the palette like I’m playing a game of hopscotch.

For the sake of keeping things super simple for you, let me walk you through each eyeshadow shade – row by row!

Top Row of Shadows (Left to Right)

Charmer: Ooo, I love the *wow* factor of this matte white. It is extremely pigmented and gives a nice pop when used on your brow bone or when opening the inner corner of your eye. This white seriously rivals that of the Lorac Pro palette – and I didn’t think that could be beat.

Jetsetter: A matte cool-tone brown with gray undertones.

Rocker: A cool pewter shade with a shimmer finish. It works beautifully with the surrounding mattes to give some added flare to your eye look.

Smokeshow: A matte, deep charcoal gray that is powerful! It’s not often you see a neutral palette omit a matte black, but in its place Tarte has included Smokeshow…which does extremely well at crafting a smokey look. Don’t be fooled by the gray tones, this is a dark shadow and requires care when it applying as not to look like a raccoon.

Middle Row of Shadows (Left to Right)

Flower Child: A neutral with peach undertones, that works well all over the lid or when blending.

Smarty Pants: A matte neutral brown. A definite go-to shade for applying in your crease as a transition shade or on the lid for a more natural look. I’m not a betting girl, but I’d bet big that Smarty Pants is the first shade I hit pan on.

Firecracker: A stunning bronze shade with a satin, iridescent finish. Quite possibly the most fun shade in the palette, which is probably where it got the name Firecracker.

Activist: A deep, deep matte brown. And, when I say deep – I mean deep (borderline black, really). I’ve been having fun using this to create a smokey effect and filling in my brows when I want a bold Cara Delevingne-esque look.

Bottom Row of Shadows (Left to Right)

Funny Girl: A soft champagne gold with loads of sparkle. It kind of reminds me of the cult favorite shade Kitten by Stila. I think this would be quite beautiful in a holiday look. (Perhaps I’ll make a tutorial! *wink)

Sweetheart: A warm tone brown with orange undertones. I tried using this in my crease and was quite impressed. It’s obviously not as standard a brown as Smarty Pants, but it brings a fun and unexpected twist that I quite like.

Rebel: A rich matte brown with redder undertones. This is a standout shade to me because it’s not one you often see in a palette. Going to have a lot of fun with Rebel!

Leader: A deep matte brown with a warm, reddish undertone. Leader is beautifully classic.

Tarte In Bloom Palette with Eyeshadow Swatches - Dream in Lace

I’ve been wearing the Tarte In Bloom eyeshadow palette day in and day out for going on two weeks and I’m continually amazed at the staying power of the eyeshadows. Since there are SO MANY things that we all have to worry about these days, it’s nice to know that you’re eyeshadow smearing away doesn’t have to be one of them.

It’s also very important to note that Tarte does not perform animal testing – or permit other third-parties to do so with their products. That’s important. Being cruelty-free is important and I’m happy to toot that horn every little change I get! *toot toot*

The Perfect Neutral Palette and the Perfect Christmas Gift?

I know it’s not technically a holiday release, but I venture to say NO ONE would be mad at Santa if they received this stunning palette on Christmas morning. As it’s December now, I feel it’s my civic duty to declare something a great gift – and I declare the Tarte In Bloom palette to be a guaranteed hit.

Granted, if you are interested in the Tarte Holiday 2016 makeup release…I actually have a review on that as well, here!


On that note – and speaking of Christmas – I’m off to make myself a cup of peppermint tea and curl up with the Hallmark channel. Have you been watching their new Christmas movies? I think A Heavenly Christmas with Kristen Davis (Sex and the City‘s Charlotte, duh) and Eric McCormick from Will and Grace is my favorite thus far. But then, I basically love them all!

Hugs to you for reading and I wish you a very merry day, weekend, month – and all that. If you’ve tried out the Tarte In Bloom palette yourself, let me know what you think!

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