Netflix Christmas Movie Guide

Curl up with some cookies and hot chocolate! Here’s a Netflix Christmas Movie Guide for your viewing pleasure.

Netflix Christmas Movie Guide - Dream in Lace

Happy Monday, loves! Excuse me while I gush a bit over cheesy movies on Netflix. Over the last week or so, I’ve had some fun diving into the lesser known Christmas movies available on everyone’s favorite streaming device. While procrastinating on crossing things off my to-do list, I discovered holiday romantic comedies that are simply too adorable not to spill about. I mean, why not put my countless hours of watching Netflix to good use, right? And so, today I’m sharing a little Netflix Christmas Movie Guide to help you get in the festive spirit.

If you’re like me and love the Hallmark Christmas movies, all of these flicks will be right up your alley! Of course there’s always the classics Love Actually and While You were Sleeping awaiting you, but in this Netflix Christmas Movie Guide I wanted to showcase lesser known films that are absolutely adorable and worth your time.

Add these to your list to enjoy over holiday break while cozy in Christmas jamnies and noshing on cookies. What better way to enjoy some holiday cheer than with a good ole’ Netflix marathon, right? Happy viewing!

Netflix Christmas Movie Guide – 2016 Edition

The Christmas Kiss
Have you ever imagined a chance encounter with a handsome stranger in an elevator? Well, that’s where The Christmas Kiss begins. In a falling elevator, Wendy (under the disguise of lots of glittery makeup) and a handsome business man share a kiss amidst feeling like they’re plunging to their death. Fear not, they don’t die. Back on solid ground Wendy discovers the elevator mystery man is actually the boyfriend of her somewhat-overbearing boss. Wanting to stay in her boss’s good graces and embark on a successful interior design career, she stays silent about the romantic elevator exchange. But, when you feel a spark – shouldn’t you follow it? This one stars Miss Carr, aka the English teacher Dan hooks up with in s2 of Gossip Girl, and is super cute! There’s loads of festive moments throughout Boston and even a glimpse into The Nutcracker ballet. Yes, yes!

The Christmas Kiss 2
The Christmas Kiss sequel features more elevator hi-jinx and surprising kisses. Except this time, our career oriented lead named Wendy wants to stay on track with her career goals and avoid any frivolous romances. As the handsome Cooper Montgomery charmingly tries to win her heart, it starts to melt. And who can blame her because he happens to be quite dashing, a billionaire and co-owner of a fashion magazine. That’s a plus when you’re a young designer in the works. This one honestly may be my favorite. 5 stars!

Dear Santa
On the upper-East side in New York City, Crystal faces being cut off from her parents unless she gets her life together. While in pursuit of a job, she stumbles upon a Christmas letter to Santa from a young girl who lost her mother and is wishing for her Dad’s happiness and a new mom for Christmas. Intrigued, Crystal looks into it and finds the dashing father is busy running a soup kitchen for the homeless. Mistaken for a volunteer, she starts to help out and develops a close relationship with the little girl, the people who visit the soup kitchen and of course the dad. Highly predictable as it may be, Dear Santa features lots of super cute moments and is just an all-around feel good movie for the holidays. 4 stars.

Christmas in the City
Remember Ashanti? In Christmas in the City she hilariously (and badly) plays a snobby marketing director at a department store at Christmas. When a young lady and her daughter move to the city to make some extra cash to save the family store back home, the two butt heads and compete for the attention of the charming store owner. This one’s probably my least favorite of the bunch but is still cute, nonetheless. 3 stars.

Christmas in the Smokies
Two big things going down in Shelby’s world: her family berry farm is at risk of foreclosure and her high school sweetheart (that’s now a famous country music star) returns home for the holidays. One of these things has adorable dimples and a great singing voice. This one has all the charm of Sweet Home Alabama with the bonus of Christmas music. 4 stars!

Merry Kissmas
Merry Kissmas features Noel Khan of Pretty Little Liars kissing women in elevators – both young and old. He’s also a chef, and decidedly less shady than we’re used to seeing him. Kaila is engaged to a famous and self-involved choreographer. They return to her hometown of Palo Alto for his version of The Nutcracker and things get interesting when she runs into Noel Khan’s lips in the elevator. (Note, his name is Dustin in the movie but I prefer to call him Noel.) 4 stars!

Christmas Crush
Christmas Crush is like Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion at Christmastime – with a whole lot of cute choreographed musical performances thrown in for good measure. Georgia – who was voted Most Likely to Succeed – hasn’t exactly hit it big as a fashion designer. Upon arriving home for the holidays, she discovers it’s her high school reunion and attends in hopes of rekindling the flame with her high school boyfriend that got away. Loved this one. 5 stars!

12 Dates of Christmas
I originally saw 12 Dates of Christmas on ABC Family. I loved it then and love it now. Think Groundhog Day but at Christmastime – and with a fully grown Zack Morris. Kate falls and hits her head in a department store making her relive Christmas Eve and her blind date with Miles again and again. 4 stars!


And that’s a wrap on my Netflix Christmas Movie Guide! I think this will be my last post before Christmas, so if I don’t speak to you before then I wish you and your family a very happy holiday. (I’m known to get inspired on a whim and come up with last minute posts when I schedule a *break* – so there’s a chance you might hear from me again this week.)

Definitely stay tuned for next week, though. After Christmas, I’ll be sharing my Best of 2016 posts! I’ve already started looking back at the year and pulling together my favorites. Good things to come!

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful Christmas. Oh…and happy Netflix watching!

As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!