Christmas Holiday Sweaters, Galore!

No wardrobe is complete without at least a couple of Christmas holiday sweaters!

2016 Christmas Holiday Sweaters - Dream in Lace

Happy December, dreamer! Today, I sat with a piping hot cup of peppermint tea beside Christmas lights while dreaming of the perfect Christmas holiday sweaters. Perhaps I’ve seen one too many Hallmark films over the last week or so, but I’m suddenly ready to deck myself head-to-toe in Christmas gear.

Each year, I unpack my favorite Christmas sweater that I picked up ages ago at H&M. It’s very classic. A cheerful red with white snowflakes scattered about. This year, I am feeling in the mood for something a bit less classic and a bit more fun. Maybe a goofy snowman or even a cartoon-ish Santa Claus. Whatever the case, I was on a hunt for the perfect Christmas holiday sweater. This year, stores like ASOS and Topshop feature some graphic sweatshirts and tees – but my interest was focused precisely on a sweater. And, preferably, a red sweater at that.

What can I say? Red just screams Christmas and it doesn’t feel right to not have at least one splash of red somewhere in my outfit during the holiday season – even if it’s just my red lipstick or nail polish.

Whether you’re looking for something to wear to an ugly Christmas sweater party – or are just in the mood to look like a walking billboard of holiday cheer – here’s a selection of the best Christmas holiday sweaters this year!

2016 Christmas Holiday Sweaters - Dream in Lace

1. Moncler Ruffle Hem Wool Red Sweater
2. Forever 21 Reindeer Holiday Dog Sweater
3. Urban Outfitters Vintage Christmas Tree Sweater
4. ASOS Knitted Holiday Fairisle Sweater
5. Lord and Taylor Elf Knit Poncho Christmas Sweater

2016 Christmas Holiday Sweaters - Dream in Lace

1. Urban Outfitters Vintage Assorted Christmas Holiday Sweater
2. ASOS New Look Mistletoe Holiday Sweater
3. Talbots Holiday Mariner Turtleneck Christmas Sweater
4. Context Reindeer Christmas Sweater
5. Love by Design Elf Body Christmas Sweater

2016 Christmas Holiday Sweaters - Dream in Lace

1. Lord and Taylor Polar Bear Christmas Holiday Sweater
2. Talbots Snow Globe Holiday Sweater
3. ASOS Rockin Robin Christmas Sweater
4. Lord and Taylor Christmas Tree Skirt Swing Sweater
5. Lord and Taylor Context Gingerbread Sweater

2016 Christmas Holiday Sweaters - Dream in Lace

1. Forever 21 Reindeer and Santa Christmas Sweater
2. Talbots Tinsel Polka-Dot Christmas Holiday Sweater
3. Forever 21 Snowman Holiday Sweater

I must say, of all the Christmas holiday sweaters available – I’m most drawn to the Christmas Elf sweaters. I ADORE that green Elf poncho and think that would look precious with a high-waisted skirt at a holiday party. I also love the grey sweater from Nordstrom that shows the precious elf shoes.

Let me know which sweater is your favorite and if you’ll be picking up any new sweaters this month. It’s kind of funny how things come around because I remember growing up cringing when my mom dressed me in a Christmas sweater for school or family pictures. Now, I’m all about it. ‘Tis the season!

As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!