LIFE: 5 Blogs I Love Right Now

The one where the blogger shares her 5 favorite blogs of the moment. (Taboo, but bear with me.)

5 Blogs I Love Right Now

*Gulp* Apologies. Today’s post is a bit spur of the moment. Upon editing pictures for a review on the Essie Gel Couture nail polishes – I realized, that I’ve been doing the at-home gel manicure…all wrong. Because I’m a total noob and never read instructions, I totally picked up the wrong top coat. It’s fine, I like it. But, it wouldn’t really be a fair review on the process if I haven’t been using the nail polishes as directed. Right?

With that humble confession on my total lack of preparation, I want to move forward with Plan B. Lately, I’ve been getting back into reading blogs. It may seem weird for a blogger to say she has stopped reading blogs, but somehow I did. In fact, I haven’t read much of anything this year. 2016 has flown by at record speed and I feel like my nose has been deep in the grind since the clock struck midnight on New Years Day. Recreational time usually means multi-tasking. Watching Netflix while editing pictures. Catching up on Bravo while answering emails and developing new content ideas.

Over the course of the last few weeks, that’s changed. I’ve made a strong effort to get back into the routine of reading blogs – because I’ve missed them. I’ve missed feeling like I was part of the community of blogging, (and admittedly I kind of was). Blogs are peaceful. They make me feel filled with aspiration. They’re a great way to bring the day to an end, embarking with new inspirations for tomorrow.

And so, today I’m sharing with you 5 blogs I love at the moment. All 5 of my picks are very different, but beloved by me in their own way. Get a pen to jot these down – or resurrect your BlogLovin’ account – because I think you will truly enjoy these blogs, too!

Here They Are: 5 Blogs I Love

Dizzy Brunette 3 by Corrie

Corrie is stinkin’ adorable. She also has a brilliant YouTube channel that you’ll want to curl up to one day, but it is her blog that first introduced me to Corrie and it is still her blog that I love most. It’s actually a great time to introduce you to the Dizzy Brunette (if you’re not yet reading), because Corrie is in the midst of “Blogmas”. That means: blogging every single day of December leading up to Christmas. She shares fun tidbits about life, beauty and writes in such a warm, welcoming way that you will swear you’ve known her for years.

Vix Meldrew by Vix

I honestly don’t recall how I stumbled across Vix, but I’ve been following her on Twitter for a while and have spent a fair share of time recently digging through her blog. Categorically speaking, I’d say that Vix Meldrew is in her own private little box. She’s not a beauty blogger. She’s not a fashion blogger. She’s sort of a lifestyle blogger – but not in that she talks about her commitment to veganism, yoga, travel, etc. Vix talks about a wide-range of subjects, from dating – to dealing with grief – to social media stalking. In one word, I would describe Vix: honest. Pure and simple.

Thirteen Thoughts by Paula

I discovered Paula in the most basic of basic ways: a BlogLovin’ round up of blog posts with inspirational quotes every girl needs in her life. I mean, how much more Pinterest-oriented and sappy could I get? Interestingly though, I never got around to reading her quotes because I was more sucked into the vivid imagery of her blog and Paula’s tips and tricks on photography, wellness and generally just being your best self. A girl that shares my love of both lipstick and mindfulness? Sold!

Margot and Me by Jenny

It was around Coachella that I discovered Jenny and she’s pretty much the only blogger I’ve stayed somewhat in keeping with this year. Even if I haven’t regularly read all of her posts, I feel like I have in a way since I see so much of the behind-the-scenes on her SnapChat. In a word I would describe Jenny as: bubbly. She’s effortlessly chic and drop-dead gorgeous. (Trust me, I had the pleasure of meeting her quickly at the Naeem Khan show at NYFW and she’s oh so pretty.) If you’re curious who Margot is, that’s her adorable doggie. A girl who names her blog after her dog is clearly a kindred spirit. Check out Jenny for insanely gorgeous photography as she travels the world with an impeccable wardrobe.

Pouting in Heels by Kate

Since I seem to be doing this a lot in this post, the word I choose to describe Kate is ‘frank’. Not in a blunt, outlandish sort of way – but with a sincere openness to talk about subjects sometimes we don’t want to approach. Oh sure, she writes about pretty things and her daily adventures. But she’s also not afraid to speak out against body shaming and, I know you’ll like this one, blogger shaming. Kate is also very open about motherhood, which is something I didn’t think I necessarily would be interested in reading about as I don’t personally have kids – but her openness is so refreshing. Reading her blog is honestly like having a conversation with a close friend. Who doesn’t want that?


As always, thank you oh so much for reading. Also, thank you for running with it and going with this impromptu post. I promise I’ll get my act together and do a proper review on the Essie polishes soon. But for now, it is nice to stop writing about myself and take a moment to shed some light on 5 blogs I love.

Please, please share with me your best blog recommendations. Like I said, I’m getting back in the habit of reading and want to discover even more blog gems.

As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!