Welcoming November with Hope + Moonstone Magic

Moving into the month of November with Moonstone Magic and hope.

Dreaming with Moonstone Jewelry Bracelet by Moonstone Magic - Dream in Lace

Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars.

A nice thought indeed, but I’ve always preferred the moon.

Since I was a wee little girl, sucking her fingers and twirling her hair, I’ve had a fascination with moonstone jewelry. Others are captivated by the glitz and sparkle of the diamond, but my whimsical soul was drawn to the magic and mystery of the moonstone. To many, the moonstone is a sign of hope. To me, I see it as a sign of good luck.

These days, I think we can take all the good luck and hope we can get.

Recently, the brand Moonstone Magic reached out to me — inquiring if I would be interested in one of their pieces. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. My jewelry collection features just a few, but very treasured, moonstone pieces and I was exciting to discover a moonstone jeweler to share with you.

No doubt, I was also excited at the chance of wearing something new that symbolizes hope.

Perhaps you may have noticed, but I just haven’t been myself for the last month or so. 2016 has been a troublesome year and October shelved out its share of difficulty. Life, people…the election…it all took its toll and my chronic enthusiasm took a beating. Despite my attempts, countless mediation and yoga sessions later – I was in need of a definite pick me up and Moonstone Magic seems to do the trick.

Browsing their extensive collection of moonstone jewelry, it was very difficult to identify one favorite piece. In the end, I turned my attention to Moonstone Magic’s selection of bracelets. Moonstone rings, necklaces and earrings have all head a place in my jewelry collection. A bracelet? Now, that’s something new. That’s something special.

Dreaming with Moonstone Jewelry Bracelet by Moonstone Magic - Dream in Lace

Dreaming with Moonstone Jewelry Bracelet by Moonstone Magic - Dream in Lace

I reserved wearing my new moonstone bracelet until the first day of November, waiting to enter a fresh new month on a good foot. If the moonstone is in fact a symbol of hope, perhaps this bracelet can be my good luck charm? I figure it can’t hurt.

Truth be told, I want to be a hopeful person. I don’t want the negativity around me to spoil my instinct to always look on the bright side. I am, at heart, a dreamer and a believer. I also want my world to be a reflection of those dreams. We all create the world we live in – and I choose to live in one of hope, dreams and kindness. I choose to leave the bad news, the resentful people, the misfires and the doubt behind me.

Dreaming with Moonstone Jewelry Bracelet by Moonstone Magic - Dream in Lace

If you’ve been feeling down over the course of the last month – or year, even. Know you’re not alone. Also, know I’m rooting for and believe in you. Whether you arm yourself with a bit of moonstone as your good luck charm, or something else – things are going to get better. All you we have to do is keep going and keep our heads high.

As cheesy as it sounds: here’s to a new month, new hope and new opportunities!

Thank you so much to Moonstone Jewelry for gifting me this beautiful bracelet that I plan to wear literally all month long. November’s going to be a great month, I can feel it already. *wink*

To learn more about Moonstone Jewelry by Moonstone Magic, click here.

As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!