FASHION: How to Style a Fall Wrap

Like every year, a fall wrap is an absolute seasonal must-have for your autumn wardrobe!

How to Style a Fall Wrap 3 Ways with Talbots - Dream in Lace

I don’t know about you, but I’m prone to catch a chill.

As such, I like to keep my closet stocked with ‘wraps’ to keep me nice and toasty warm all year round. A fall wrap in particular is the perfect accessory – as you can honestly dress it up or down with just about every look imaginable. Whether you’re wearing it on a night out, or curling on the couch with a book or Netflix…a wrap is a valuable essential to any fall wardrobe.

If you’re curious on how to style your fall wrap, today I’m delivering three options with a stunning buffalo plaid wrap from Talbots. Of course, there are truly endless options beyond these three looks. I dare say, you could wear this wrap in a million ways and never ever get tired of it. I’ve worn it at my desk at work, while picking apples in an orchard and just about all over town.

How to Style a Fall Wrap, 3 Ways!

How to Style a Fall Wrap with Talbots - Dream in Lace

How to Style a Fall Wrap with Talbots - Dream in Lace

Fall Wrap Look 1: Styled with a denim top, striped dress and cutout ankle booties!

One of the best things about fall fashion: layering! For my Talbots wrap’s debut, I layered a denim shirt over a classic striped dress. To top it all off, I added a pair of spiky cutout ankle booties that really add some fun and flare. You know when you love an outfit so much you don’t really want to take it off at the end of the day? That was this look. I think this outfit demonstrates perfectly how comfortable you can be while maintaining a fun sense of style.

How to Style a Fall Wrap with Talbots - Dream in Lace

How to Style a Fall Wrap with Talbots - Dream in Lace

Fall Wrap Look 2: Styled with flared denim jeans, a basic white tee and sneakers for a trip to the apple orchard!

As if living in a Hallmark movie, my mom and I took a trip to a local orchard for some apple picking recently. Since apple picking isn’t exactly ‘fancy’, I opted for a basic pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. The sun was shining bright, but there was a definite chill in the air and this Talbots wrap kept me comfortable while stretching my limbs as far as they would go to reach apples on the highest branches. Let me tell you, being tall has its advantages!

How to Style a Fall Wrap with Talbots - Dream in Lace

How to Style a Fall Wrap with Talbots - Dream in Lace

Fall Wrap Look 3: Styled with a denim skirt, Talbots Falling Leaves sweater and block-heel sandals.

Last Friday, I introduced you to this gorgeous Falling Leaves sweater, also from Talbots. Today, I’m upping the ante by topping it off with my new favorite fall wrap. When I selected these items from Talbots, I didn’t necessarily envision them together but when I unwrapped them they screamed: perfect match! If anyone asks, I am definitely ready for Thanksgiving! (ICYMI: Read Friday’s sweater post, here!)


Of course, there are truly unlimited ways to style a fall wrap! Let your imagination run wild and have fun exploring with various pieces in your closet. If you had to vote, let me know: which of these looks is your favorite?

A big thank you to YOU for reading and to Talbots for kindly gifting me these sweater weather goodies. I’ll truly savor them all season long.

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As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!