Clinique Superbalanced Foundation Perfects Skin

Does the Clinique Superbalanced Foundation deliver perfect skin?

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation Makeup - Dream in Lace

As the saying goes, all good things come in small packages – including perfect skin, right? Putting that theory to the test, I tried the new Clinique Superbalanced foundation in hopes that it would bring an even complexion and silky glow to my fall skin. With summer now firmly behind us, I no longer have the advantage of a “summer glow” to help conceal and odd redness and definitely was in need of an updated foundation routine.

Like always, I judge a foundation by its strength and longevity. Being a girl who likes to apply her makeup in the morning and have it looking virtually the same about 9-10 hours later with minimal to no touch ups…the stakes were high.

Good news? The Clinique Superbalanced foundation delivers!

What exactly does the Clinique Superbalanced Foundation do?

Clinique’s latest foundation launch not only balances your complexion, it also balances out your skin. Throughout the day, this smart foundation will control oil and absorb oil…keeping your skin looking fresh all day, without any greasiness. Curious, I tried using this foundation with and without a setting powder to see if that would affect the results and it did not. Even without a powder, Clinique’s Superbalanced foundation managed to control my oil and keep my T-zone from becoming a gross slippery mess.

Will I be able to find a match for my skintone?

Clinique offers a broad color selection of 19 shades, making it a good fit for nearly every skintone. I will say, the shades do veer on the paler side, though. Darker complexions may have difficulty finding an exact match…

How long does the foundation last?

I’m happy to report, the oil control helps Clinique’s Superbalanced foundation hold upĀ very nicely during the day! I have worn this many times out after a long day at work and felt like my makeup looked great, without any need to fuss with touching up. It’s also a water and sweat-resistant foundation. Bonus!

What kind of coverage and finish does the Superbalanced makeup have?

The foundation has a semi-thick texture to it, that delivers medium-to-heavy coverage with a silky finish. It’s not a matte foundation, nor is it dewy. Instead, the coverage falls somewhere in the middle with a natural finish that brings depth to the face.

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation Makeup - Dream in Lace

How much does the Clinique Superbalanced Foundation cost?

Ringing up at $25 a pop, the foundation has a great price point for the product. As it’s Clinique, you can easily track down a counter to be color-matched at just about every department store imaginable, as well as at Sephora and Ulta. Of course, you can always order directly from their website…but I would suggest being color-matched in person for your first purchase.

How does the foundation feel on the skin?

85 percent of the day, the foundation feels great on my skin and is barely detectable. In the last couple hours of wear, that’s when I start to feel the weight of the foundation and start to think of washing my face. If I had to name one flaw of this all-around great product, it’s that by the end of the day the foundation does tend to feel heavy.

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation Makeup - Dream in Lace

Modeling the Clinique Superbalanced Foundation

Overall Thoughts:

Generally, I really DO enjoy the Clinique Superbalanced foundation and have found myself reaching for it over other favorites quite regularly. I think it has a beautiful finish on the skin and does a brilliant job of managing oil, sweat, etc. As much as we’d all love to live in a vacuum, we don’t. And that means our makeup can slip and slide around a bit. Fortunately, this foundation does a stand up job at holding our line of defense and keeping our faces looking pretty darn great! I’m also really impressed by the value of the product for the price. Thumbs up, Clinique!


As always, thank you so much for reading and let me know if you’ve given this foundation a try. It’s actually my first time trying out a foundation by Clinique and I’m mighty impressed! Let me know your thoughts and if there’s another foundation of theirs I ought to give a try.

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