5 Things to Watch on Netflix this Summer

5 movies and TV shows on Netflix this summer! Time to pour a refreshing drink and get cozy.

5 Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Netflix this Summer - Dream in Lace

One thing that’s in style in every season? Netflix! And if you’re like me, it can be difficult to know what to watch with such a vast library of options. I’ll sit there scrolling….and scrolling….totally aloof on what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes, I just need a little direction! To help you out, I here are 5 slam-dunk Netflix recommendations that are perfect to curl up to with a refreshing drink and some snacks. From mystery and intense drama, to high fashion – there’s truly something available for every mood.

Originally I was going to make this list 10 – but then I thought perhaps that would be a bit overwhelming. So here’s a streamlined list of 5 Netflix recommendations to start building your summer watch list! Let’s go:

5 Things to Watch on Netflix this Summer!

Bloodline (Season Two)

Bloodline is a dark family drama that follows the dysfunctional Rayburn family in the Florida Keys. Season one was GRIPPING and I’ve been dying to find out where the show would go next. Since it is season two, I don’t want to spoil anyone in case you haven’t seen season one yet – but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show so effectively capture tension and drama as it builds to a shocking conclusion. The second season dropped over Memorial Day weekend and I’ve already devoured the whole thing and am DYING for season three. Best. Netflix. Show. Period! (Yes, even better than House of Cards.)

A Girl Like Her

Bullying is such a hot topic today, but none of the documentaries I’ve seen about it have really struck a nerve with me. A Girl Like Her is a movie – shot in documentary style – that gets to the core of the issue and effectively shows both sides of the coin. By the end of the movie, I was in tears! It’s riveting, heart-breaking and real. The story follows two high school girls, who were best friends gone wrong. Avery Kellar is a popular, beautiful blonde that turns on her friend Jessica. Heartbroken and scared, Jessica wears a hidden camera to capture her life walking the halls of high school and the footage between her and Avery is shocking. Highly recommend watching this one!

5 Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Netflix this Summer - Dream in Lace

Pretty Little Liars (Season Six)

As season six of Pretty Little Liars aired on television, my interest in the show was definitely up and down as life took over and I struggled to have time to watch on Tuesday nights. Then that WHOPPER of a finale came out and I’ve been itching for Netflix to pick up the season so I can go back and watch it all. Season 6 is at the top of my list this summer and I look forward to returning to Rosewood to get back into the mystery.

Dior and I

This stunning documentary follows Raf Simons as he steps into the shoes of creative director at Dior and builds his exquisite debut couture collection. While sadly Raf has moved on from Dior, it’s wonderful to look back at the magic he brought to the house and the craftsmanship behind his beautiful designs. As we await the announcement of Dior’s next creative director, it’s the perfect time to glimpse back and celebrate Raf’s brief but important reign at Dior. A must-watch for any fashionista!

Death Comes to Pemberly

Suffering from Downton Abbey withdraws? Revisit the world of Pride and Prejudice to meet up with Mr. Darcy and Lizzie Bennett, who are happily married with a family. While preparing for a grande ball, their happily ever after takes a shocking turn when a dead body turns up on the grounds of Pemberly. Woops! Watch the drama unfold in this three-part miniseries as the family is on high alert trying to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you found a juicy bit of goodness to add to your Netflix watch list this summer! Like I said, I tend to scroll aimlessly through Netflix quite a bit – so feel free to share your recs below! I need to start building up my queue.

Have a fabulous week and happy couch time!

As always, stay stylish and keep chasing your dreams!



  • I adore house of cards, so may have to give bloodline a go!
    Summer xx

  • Ive just started watching Bloodline and I do really want to get into PLL but I just have no time 🙁 one day.. xx