BEAUTY: Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation Review

Alright, so just how remarkable is Marc Jacobs Beauty ‘Remarcable’ Foundation? Let’s review!

MAKEUP: Marc Jacobs 'Remarcable' Foundation Review -

When it comes to full coverage foundations, my love affair with MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation has been hard to break. It’s the foundation I turn to when I need a full coverage that is stunning, long-lasting and virtually flawless. I learned about Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Re(Marc)able Foundation and was intrigued. A full-coverage foundation that promises to be last all day and it’s by Marc Jacobs, whose brand I already adore? I’m there.

Marc Jacobs cosmetic line is sold at Sephora and so I waltzed right in to be color matched. With 22 shades available, I knew I would be able to get it just right and called up on this nice sales guy at Sephora to help me out. When he raved about the foundation whilst matching it to my skin, I was getting even more excited.

His best advice? Moisturize.

He declared that absolutely the foundation was full-coverage and would really absorb any oils through the day. He stressed how important it was to moisturize with your favorite skincare and even use a moisturizing primer to keep your skin quenched as the day goes on. My skin has been on the dryer side lately so I definitely heeded his advice when applying for this first time, and I’m glad I did. Marc’s Remarcable foundation is powerful stuff and prepping your skin for it is a must.

MAKEUP: Marc Jacobs 'Remarcable' Foundation Review -

What type of coverage with the Remarcable Foundation give me?

100% full coverage. It’s not medium, buildable coverage…but straight up, full coverage. As in, you really could cover up the strongest of blemishes and even a tattoo with this stuff if you should choose. It’s a beautiful matte finish that’s definitely similar to my favorite Studio Fix. It’s matte, but doesn’t look course or dry. You just look incredibly not oily, at all. Like a doll.

How should I apply the foundation?

I put 4 dots around my face…and small dots at that. A little of this foundation truly does go a long way. My favorite way to apply is with a buffing foundation brush, starting in the center of my face and working outwards. For a setting powder, I’ve tried this both with and without and didn’t notice much difference. So, if you’re worried that you need a powder to extend it’s wear-time, I’d say you don’t. But, I do think it looks really beautiful with one of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders, just to give you some extra glow for an event.

How long does the coverage last?

Till you take it off, I swear. I wore this foundation on some very long days where I was at work all day, then volunteering with the local PBS telethon until after midnight. These days gave this foundation 17 hours of work, without any touching up in between. It was actually quite amazing how well the Remarcable foundation held up on my skin and definitely surpassed my expectation. I’ve heard if you have ‘oily’ skin, you may need to do some blotting in your T-zone or with some powder in the evening, but it’s a keeper!

Since it’s full-coverage, is the Remarcable foundation heavy?

Surprisingly, no. It’s actually remarkable how lightweight the Remarcable foundation is on your skin for virtually giving you a second skin. After applying, I hardly notice is this. It doesn’t sink heavily into your pores or fine lines either. Honestly, no clue how the team at Marc Jacobs Beauty managed to put together such a solid amount of coverage without feeling heavy on your skin, but it’s award worthy.

Are you happy with your color match?

I am! I was matched to ‘Medium Bisque’ which I was afraid would be too dark…but it is perfect. I definitely suggest taking a trip to Sephora to be matched in person, because with the 22 colors it’s tricky to select the right one online since the differences can look pretty subtle. I’m confident that you’ll be able to find a shade that works for your skintone, no matter what undertones you’re working with.

What is the Remarcable foundation ideal for?

I think this foundation is a must to round out your collection and give you that ‘perfect skin in a bottle’ we all need help with now and then. Whether you’re sleep deprived, have some blemishes, or just a really long day that you want a solid foundation to help you with…it’s perfect. Because it is also so lightweight, I’d say you could absolutely wear this every day. Like I said, I love MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid…but it is quite heavy and not something I think my skin could tolerate wearing every day. I’ve been reaching for this day after day without any issues. Really, it’s perfect for special occasions and events…or for when you just want to be “really really ridiculously good looking.” (Shoutout to Zoolander!)

Lastly, is it vegan approved?

Yep! The Remarcable foundation is plant-based and Marc Jacobs Beauty is a cruelty-free brand with no animal testing 🙂

MAKEUP: Marc Jacobs 'Remarcable' Foundation Review -

All in all, I say BELIEVE the hype when you hear it. As cliche as it is, Marc Jacobs ‘Remarcable’ foundation truly is remarkable. It’s not often I try a foundation that I feel is honestly flawless, but I can’t seem to find fault with this one. It’s a definite keeper!

Thank you so much for reading and if you’ve tried this foundation out, let me know what your thoughts on it are!

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