MAKEUP: Tarte ‘Tarteist’ Blush Palette

When I first laid eyes on Tarte Cosmetics‘ new Tartiest blush palette, I immediately knew it would become mine. Who doesn’t love the savory goodness of a Tarte blush, right? Multiply that by four, put it in a stunning palette with beautiful packaging and voila! A party of color for your face. Let’s take a peak and review what’s inside, shall we?

Tarte Cosmetics ' Tarteist' Blush Palette Review

When it comes to being haunted by an item I did not buy, the last limited edition Tarte blush palette is definitely up there. I let that baby slip through my hands all, oh no….you don’t need that….only to regret it for months and months to follow. Beauty blogger after beauty vlogger will whip that out and each time my heart weeps a little on the inside. How could I possibly think I didn’t need a Tarte Amazonian Clay blush palette? Fool. I must’ve been whacked out of my mind.

And so, when Tarte released the follow up Tarteist palette, I was ON it. Literally. As in, my wheels were squealing as I pulled into an Ulta parking lot to jet inside. I blew past all inquiries if I needed assisted on a one-woman mission to the Tarte counter. Like a cave woman, except instead of food…I was scavenging for pops of color to decorate my cheeks. Food? A good blush palette? I feel they’re equally important. 

Before we dive inside, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the Tarteist palette’s packaging? The product development team truly outdid themselves with this one. I mean, gorgeous. I feel like this is up there with YSL as beauty packaging you want to display on your vanity (or Instagram photo).

Tarte Cosmetics ' Tarteist' Blush Palette Shades -

Oh the beauty! I love that Tarte made the Tarteist blush palette so versatile. The poppy coral of Live and Barbie-approved pink Dream will be cheerful pops of color in the spring or summer months. They can also come in handy when you’re fighting to standout against the snow and your pale skin in the dead of winter.

The Laugh and Love shades are a tad more subtle. They’ll surely make a strong statement on your cheeks, but without the bubbliness of a the coral or hot pink. Essentially, I think Tarte has your blush collection wrapped up in one beautiful package. What more could you need? I don’t think I’ll be acquiring any more blushes for quite some time.

Onto a closer look at each shade included:

Tarte Cosmetics ' Tarteist' Blush Palette Shades -

Live: Coral with a matte finish         Laugh: Dusty peach with hints of shimmer

Tarte Cosmetics ' Tarteist' Blush Palette Shades -

Love: Mauve with matte finish            Dream: Fuschia pink with matte finish

Tarte Cosmetics ' Tarteist' Blush Palette Swatches -

No doubt, I am in love.

Tarte’s ‘Tarteist’ blush palette basically answers all my blush hopes and dreams in one place. Not only are the colors divine, the quality is supreme!

How pigmented are the Tarte blushes?
The Amazonian clay blushes are strongly pigmented and have impeccable color payoff. I recommend definitely starting with less and building up. If you do get a bit heavy-handed though, no worries. It’s nothing a good blending brush won’t be able to adjust.

How long do the blushes wear?
I haven’t put an actual timer to it per say, but every day I have worn these blushes a solid 10-11 hours and they hold up. Sure, there is some wear and they don’t look as exact to how they did when applied…but there will still be color to your cheeks that’s natural and gives you some warmth.

Do the blushes share consistency in quality?
Absolutely. One of the most aggravating things when dealing with palettes, is when the quality will differ between shades. The Urban Decay Naked palettes are notorious for this and I’ve run into the same issue with even luxury brands like Chanel. Unfortunately, being by the same company and in the same palette does not always deliver consistency in quality. Good for us, the Tarteist palette is consistent across the board. All of the blushes share the same strength of pigment, quality in product and length of wear.

Are the Tarte blushes vegan approved? 
Yes, I did go vegan in 2016 and am now much more conscientious about what products I will purchase. Fortunately for us all, Tarte products are vegan and not tested on animals. Cruelty, animal-product free and high-quality? What’s not to love!

What is your favorite shade?
I like to experiment with blush, but in general…poppy colors like Live and Dream are worn periodically for some extra fun. In my everyday life, however, I’m much more drawn to the middle-ground shades and I enjoy BOTH Laugh and Love. That said, I do have a favorite and it’s Laugh. There’s something about that dusty peach and the threading of shimmer that I truly love.

If you have any other questions about the Tarte ‘Tarteist’ palette, do let me know! I try to be as helpful as I can and answer the types of questions I may have about a product. If you’re interested in checking out this palette but there’s something else you’d like to know that I may have overlooked, ask away! I’m happy to help.

Thank you so much for reading. It’s always a pleasure to play and talk makeup for a few minutes, isn’t it? Definitely be on the lookout for future tutorials using this gorgeous blush palette. It’s simply too beautiful to tuck away into a drawer at the moment and I’m feeling like I can have a lot of fun with the palette through spring and summer! *cheers to sunshine*

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