Fashion: Return of the One-Piece Swimsuit 

I remember my first bikini, well. I was a freshmen in high school, spring breaking in Florida, when I made the big transition from a one-piece swimsuit to a bikini. It’s one of those fashion memories that just sticks. A two-piece? I had ARRIVED!


Since making the big switch, I’ve had a string of navel exposing bikinis and to be honest, they’ve made life much easier. I’m tall. Finding a one-piece swimsuit that has enough length in the torso is a challenge I know well! But, imagine my surprise that in time I’d start gravitating back to the one-piece.

4 back surgeries later, I’ve become a fan of the one-piece as they nicely conceal my scars. Oh no, it’s not that I’m embarrassed by them – in fact, I wear them proudly like a badge of honor – but I get tired of them being a topic of conversation. Have you ever noticed how truly nose-y people are? I have, and while it does slightly baffle me – I try to steer clear of the Gladys Kravitz-es of the world. (Shoutout to Bewitched!)

It’s 2015, and the one-piece swimsuit is once again have a bit of a ‘moment’. From retro suits that Esther Williams would die for, to modern monochrome and sheer paneling. The swimsuit that hides your tummy is sexy, flattering and totally chic.


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Honestly, I’m glad to see the one-piece swimsuit back! I love the mix of throwback suits that take us back to the 50’s, prints and color. Grabby a floppy hat, a great pair of sunglasses and look stylish while lounging poolside this summer. Added perk? You don’t have to worry about having a food tummy after lunch. Win, win!

What’s your vote: One-Piece or Two?

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