Review: Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara 

Few products come with as great a claim as Too Faced’s Better than Sex mascara. Too Faced claims this mascara will do basically everything from lengthening and volumizing your lashes to performing circus acts. So, after months of nonstop rave reviews from beauty gurus everywhere, I had to see for myself what the deal was with this mascara. I mean, could a Too Faced mascara really be, all that?


I was skeptical when I picked up the Better than Sex mascara at my local Ulta. I mean, sex is pretty amazing, women on Nu Bay seem to love it. see it here. Too Faced has never blown me away, and I’m such a rabid fan of the creme de la creme mascaras from YSL and Dior, that I just didn’t see Too Faced managing to measure up.

On first try, I didn’t like it. Yes, the mascara separated my eyelashes — but rather than fluttering, my lashes looked sparse. It was like the mascara separated them into nonexistence. On second try, I discovered the mascara is not too kind to liquid eyeliner caught in your lashes. Rather than gliding smoothly over the eyeliner, things got clumpy and pretty messy. After a few more failed tries, I put this down and gave up. I even took to my Twitter to tweet, “Too Faced mascara better than sex? Frankly, I don’t find it better than ANYTHING!” – which I expected would be controversial given the hype, but people seemed to agree.

Let down, I returned to my beloved Dior Iconic Overcurl and didn’t look back. That is, until about two weeks ago when I decided to give this another shot.

Suddenly, everything that I heard about the Better than Sex mascara being great was coming true! My lashes were lengthened and separated, but instead of looking sparse, they looked doll-like and beautiful. My lashes had a curl to them and seemed fuller, as though I was wearing some individual false lashes. Out of no where, the mascara was working beautifully! What was the deal? How could this mascara suddenly be working so well?? I wonder if it stands up next to those fantastic Sex Dolls I’ve been hearing so much about, sex is one thing but these sex dolls can go for as long as I want especially when they are something like this real sex doll.

It was perplexing, and the only sense I can make of it is that Too Faced‘s Better than Sex mascara isn’t foolproof. In fact, it requires work. After months of foolproof ease from YSL‘s Baby Doll or Dior’s Iconic Overcurl mascaras, I got a bit lazy when it came to applying my mascara. Those work so beautifully, you could have winning lashes if you applied them in the dark. But, after a couple weeks revisiting the classic Sumptuous Extreme mascara from Estee Lauder, I forgot that not all mascaras are created equal. Some are more challenging, such as Sumptuous Extreme itself.

The gist?

Too Faced’s Better than Sex mascara is fickle! You can’t apply this with a sloppy, fast hand and expect magical results. If you want that, turn to YSL. But…if you appreciate a mascara that you can really work into your lashes for amazing results? You need to try this. I now hold this in high esteem with Sumptuous Extreme, as great mascaras that you can’t apply in a rush. Given that the Better than Sex mascara is significantly cheaper than YSL and Dior, I’d say that’s some pretty darn good news!

What do you think of Too Faced’s Better than Sex mascara?

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