Review: Philosophy Miracle Worker Skincare

I’ve been a longtime fan of Philosophy‘s Hope in a Jar line for years – but at Christmas time I picked up their Miracle Worker skincare range for a test. When it comes to daily moisturizers, Philosophy is undoubtedly the ONE brand I always return to. Sure, I’ll venture into Kiehl’s, Origins etc…but undoubtedly I’ll always go straight back to Philosophy’s Hope in Jar line – and so it felt overdue that I try something new from within the Philosophy brand itself.

Confession: I have a serious phobia of developing crows feet. That very really fear propelled me to try a moisturizer that upped the ‘anti-age’ factor…bringing me to the Miracle Worker skincare products. I know several out there that swear by these creams, and I was very eager to put them to the test. How did it go? Well…

Philosophy Miracle Worker skincare review

Philosophy Miracle Worker skincare review

Immediately I have to note how long these lasted! I couldn’t believe how far a little bit went – especially with the day creme. In case you’re not familiar, Philosophy‘s Hope in a Jar day cream is whipped…therefore, super light. In the winter I find myself putting two coats of that on, so I was happy to discover how much thicker Philosophy’s Miracle Worker Day creme is. Consistency-wise, it’s more of a gel texture and definitely NOT whipped. It applies very smoothly and feels refreshing on the skin.

The Miracle Worker Overnight cream, on the other hand, does share the same consistency I’ve come to know and love of the Hope in a Jar variety. It’s much thicker, and while it does take a bit longer to absorb – it doesn’t get greasy or messy on the skin. In fact, when I ran out of the day cream first I started using the night cream as a day cream, and it worked beautifully under makeup. Perhaps in the winter months, you could altogether go with the night cream.

Of course, being deathly afraid of crow’s feet, the eye cream was what interested me most. Fortunately, Philosophy’s Miracle Worker Eye Repair cream certainly lived up to its very high reputation. It has a thick gel-like consistency, that smoothly applies over your skin like silk. Texture-wise, you could say this like a serum in gel form, leaving your skin feeling very smooth and nourished. The Miracle Worker Eye Repair does have retinoids in it, making it have a bit of a burning feeling…especially if you’re not used to retinoids like me, at first.


Overall, I’m VERY impressed with the Miracle Worker products! I had my Hope in a Jar trio on deck so I’m currently working through that – but when that’s gone, I think I’m going to return to the Miracle Worker line. I loved how moisturizing they were and how successfully they kept my skin alive through the drab months of winter. Plus, it’s never too early to stage World War 3 against crow’s feet.

 Miracle Worker Day Cream   –   Miracle Worker Overnight Cream   –   Miracle Worker Eye Repair

What’s your favorite skincare range?
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  • I really love this range, they have always impressed me. But if I remember correctly they are a bit pricey? Still lovely though!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • I don’t have any experience with Philosophy’s skincare, but I’ve heard so many great things about it! This line sounds really awesome. I’m particularly interested in the Overnight Cream.
    Ivory Avenue