Winter Fashion Essentials

It occurred to me while putting together an outfit on one recent very cold day, that I have a defined list of Winter Fashion Essentials that I turn to year, after year. The thing about fashion is, you can change your look on a daily basis – experimenting with trends, but we all have those staples that don’t really budge. I’ve shared with you guys my seasons beauty favorites, but silly me – we’ve never discussed the wardrobe essentials that I will always have and always need.

So get you pen and paper ready, because these are tried and true winter fashion essentials that I honestly couldn’t survive without! And let’s face it, when it comes to winter…we can all use a few pointers on how to make it through.
Winter Fashion Essentials

Cuddl Dud Undershirts for Winter

When it comes to staying warm in the winter time, it really is all about layering. Most important? That very first layer to secure your warmth. Cuddl Duds come in many varieties, all with the same mission: a light layer to seal in your body heat. I love these silky undershirts because they’re super comfortable and light-weight, but are real heavy weights when it comes to keeping me warm. I’m one of those ‘always cold’ freaks, and I can tell a MAJOR difference between the days when I wear my Cuddle Dud and the days I do not. They create this warm layer on your skin that envelopes you all day long. They’re a nice way to sneak something comforting and cozy into your life while battling your way through harsh winter conditions. To boot, they kind of feel like a sneaky way of wearing your pajamas to work 😉

Another great way to sneak in extra warmth, fleece-lined tights and leggings! These are great worn on their own or tucked beneath your clothes for an extra layer. I try to keep up with my walking through the winter, but arctic temperatures really take a beating on my thighs while meandering down the road. My number 1 weapon against that miserable wind-chapped feeling is to wear a pair of fleece leggings beneath my yoga pants.

But you don’t have to be working out outdoors to fall in love with these, they’re also a great alternative to traditional tights. Wearing a dress or skirt for work in the winter can be a really pain in the a**. Tights, while slimming and fashionable, aren’t exactly known for their warmth. Swapping out your standard tights for fleece lined ones will seriously change your life! They’re not only warm, but supremely soft on your legs. I find myself in the fall kind of wishing for cold temperatures so I can make the switch, because anything that helps makes me feel cozy during that day is a real treat!

Old Navy Long-Sleeved Shirts for Winter Fashion

*Surprise* Old Navy long-sleeved tees are heaven! Who knew? I confess, Old Navy isn’t the first place I think of when it comes to shopping. So, imagine my surprise when I hopped over to them while shopping online at Banana Republic one day and began a love affair with their long sleeved basic tees. They are super affordable and frequently on sale, but trust more than the price is perfect. You know how we’re all looking for that ultimate white t? Well, I’ve honestly found it. The fit is long and not nastily square; it skims over your body perfectly. They also go through the dryer really well, without shrinking in body or sleeve length at all! You know that disappearing act our shirts tend to do in time? Not with these. They’re also the perfect weight! They work well on their own, paired with a Cuddle Dud of course, or in layers! Seriously guys, I feel kind of weird that I’m in love with an Old Navy shirt but these are legit. Get some, I promise you’ll fall in love too!

J.Crew Factory Everyday Leggings

Obviously, we all love leggings and no winter is complete without at least 4 or 5 pairs in your wardrobe. I do have a SERIOUS favorite though: the J.Crew Factory Everyday Leggings. I’ve gone through several pairs of these and have probably 4 hanging out in my closet right now. Truly, they’re my all-time favorite leggings! It’s sort of hard to describe why these leggings are my true favorite, but I shall try. Mostly, it’s the elasticity that has me hooked. These leggings are sort of ‘swishy’ in fit and not at all restrictive. They fit kind of loosely on your legs, not in look but in feel. Sometimes leggings can feel a bit suffocating but these are so comfortable you basically forget you have pants on.

When J.Crew labels these ‘everyday’ they are seriously not joking. I wear these leggings in some fashion literally every single day of my life. They work as part of my outfit – but also are great for workouts! They’re also really nice to come home to. (Who else immediately changes into comfy clothes the second you walk in the door? Hello! Meet your new best friend.) Like the Old Navy shirts, these also go through the dryer super well without any shrinkage or odd color fading. They’re seriously miracle leggings! It may sound strange to have a love affair with a pair of leggings, but I do. Oh, I really do!

Tall Black Boots for Winter Fashion

Booties are really having a moment right now and yes, I do love my brown riding boots – a lot! But when it comes to ultimate must-haves: nothing tops a good pair of tall black boots, period. Oh, and when I say tall I really don’t mean ‘over-the-knee’. I mean your standard, awesome tall black boots that will last you for years and never, EVER go out of style. A pair of black boots are so essential to any fall or winter wardrobe that I don’t feel off-base when I think they’re an inalienable right. Right up there with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we all deserve a good pair of black boots in our closet. (Obama, I know you feel me on this!) Think just how well they’ll go with your fleece-lined tights or J.Crew leggings? 😉

Nordstrom Cashmere Scares for Winter Fashion

In the winter, I simply cannot live without my oversized cashmere scarves. Not only are these essential for keeping me warm, they’re also an instant outfit when I’m feeling super lazy. My favorites are these cashmere scarves from Nordstrom. As you would imagine, they’re extremely soft and cozy – to the point where you feel you could curl up with your scarf and just take a nap. They also throw on super easily and go with just about anything. My favorite color option is my camel one, which literally goes with whatever I’m wearing and has a cool air of sophistication. Right up there with boots, ever gal needs a good cashmere scarf!


What are your winter fashion essentials?

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