Review : Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Urban Decay Naked Skin Review

It feels like forever since I talked about a foundation on Dream in Lace, and that’s probably because HOLY COW it has been! A month or so ago I picked up the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation on a whim. It was one of those long days that turned even longer with heavy traffic, so I made a pit-stop at Ulta and walked out with a new face. Oddly, I’ve never considered a foundation at Ulta before – and definitely not one from Urban Decay. But when I tickled down what I was looking for to a light, everyday foundation – I immediately thought: Naked!

I got color matched by a store clerk, and strolled around for a while before making a decision. Boy am I glad I did, as this bad boy seriously oxidized on me a shade darker. Similar to the L’Oreal Magic Nude foundation, Urban Decay’s Naked Foundation settles with a powder finish, and in that liquid-to-powder transition it darkened. Just something to keep in mind while color matching yourself.

I figure for a concise, full review – I’ll break this down into categories. Hitting on the key points for any foundation: coverage, texture, finish, color, longevity…oh, and I suppose price is important. Here we go!

I’d call the Naked Foundation, light-to-medium coverage…more on the medium end. But, it can ALSO be worn quite lightly if you want. Am I even making sense here? No! Bottom line, it’s a quite liquid-y product and can be blended out or built up as much as you like. Do whatever you want!

Basically answered this in the above question, but it is a liquid foundation. Be sure to shake this well before use! You need to do that for it to settle into the ‘powder finish’ appropriately. But honestly guys, I think shaking your foundation before use is good practice no matter what you’re using. It’s definitely a light-weight foundation that is virtually impossible to detect while wearing. While wearing, you do in fact feel: Naked!

I really love the finish of the Urban Decay Naked foundation for everyday use. It’s very natural, with a bit of a satin finish. The product does a really nice job at not caking or exaggerating pores or fine lines.  For work or any daytime look really, it’s perfect. If you’re looking for a flawless finish for a night out? I’d go for something else. It is very very natural!

As I mentioned, this does oxidize on me a bit. But, after testing it out in the store and giving time to set, I did get a very good color match. There is a nice selection of shades available as well, so whatever your skin tone…I’m sure you’ll be able to find a match.

To me, the longevity of a foundation is the most important part. I tend to apply my makeup in the morning and literally not check myself in a mirror until 5 o’clock. Sometimes I’m in for a big shock at that point, when I find that my face has somehow slipped all over the place or completely disappeared. How did the Naked Foundation hold up? Sort of well. It didn’t get too sloppy, but definitely did start to break down. Overall, I’d say this an average wear foundation – with potential to carry you into the night with some touching up.

$39 for a foundation is pretty good in my book. While more than a drugstore foundation, this is quite reasonable compared to other higher-end alternatives. Short of my MAC Studio Fix, this is the cheapest non-drugstore foundation I own. Pretty solid value!

I like Urban Decay’s Naked Foundation. It’s definitely not a holy grail product, but I do gravitate towards it on a pretty regular basis for workdays. The color match is great and the initial finish does make my skin look healthy and natural. If you’re looking for a mid-range foundation to wear to school or the office, I would check this out. If only because it does have such a great color selection!


Have you tried Urban Decay’s Naked Foundation? What do you think?

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