Altuzarra for Target – Coming Soon!

Altuzarra for Target Fall 2014

Altuzarra is the latest in a long list of designers to release a Target approved collection – and this time around, I’m extremely excited about it!


Because it’s totally working girl appropriate!

I didn’t even realize how hungry I was for a polished collection from Target until I started skimming through this. Not that previous collections weren’t great, because they were – it’s just they all leaned on the very youthful side of things. Perfect clothes for a night out or to wear on the weekends (or roaming the halls of your high school), but not quite 9-5 approved.

Enter Altuzarra for Target Fall 2014, and all the sudden us young working girls have fun options too! Altuzarra is easily one of my favorite modern designers. They always create such interesting pieces that fuse multiple ideas together into an altogether NEW idea. And when they do color, they do it well! Take for example the delicious burgundy of this collection that’s totally perfect for fall!

The collection has a nice variety of looks that will appeal to basically everyone. There’s some dreamy, bohemian pieces. There is animal print and sexed-up boots. There is a very nice mix of textures, from satin to velvet to suede. There are also pieces that are very Oriental, which has been a growing trend in the fashion world the past few seasons. My favorite niche of the collection, though, is the textured polka dot looks. And you better believe at least 2 or 3 of those pieces will be hanging in my closet next month!

Altuzarra for Target Fall 2014 altuzarra-target-fall-2014-2 altuzarra-target-fall-2014-3 altuzarra-target-fall-2014-4 altuzarra-target-fall-2014-5


There’s still a bit of time to go before this collection will be available for us fashion hungry working girls. Everything will be available in-store and online at Target on September 14th. The collection will also be available on Net-A-Porter, for those of you living outside the States. (Target is only in the US right? I have no clue!)

And literally, everything is so affordable. I think the quality of these items might be the best of any of the collections thus far. Some looked and felt a bit cheap to me (*cough* Prabal Gurung *cough*), but Altuzarra has somehow managed to put together quality pieces (especially the evening wear) for really low prices. The amazing floor-length dresses hover around the $55 mark. Amazing!!

Of course, I’ll let you know my final verdict on the quality later.

Take a look at the full collection here at Refinery 29.

Are you excited for Altuzarra’s Target Collection?

What’s your favorite piece?