2014 MTV Video Music Awards : 10 Worst Dressed

2014 Video Music Awards 10 Worst DressedSometimes I like to pretend I’m 13 again and tune into the MTV Video Music Awards. It’s getting in touch with my roots. Back in the day, the VMA’s were PRIME TIME for us teens. From the 90s with favorites like GarbageBushNo Doubt and more…to the N’Sync/Britney SpearsBackstreet BoysEminem and more days. I bet, if you started asking me who won what in the 1998-2002ish range, I’d probably be able to run off a lot of correct answers.

Oh things have changed though! Today, the VMA’s seem like an odd mishmash of people. (Not to mention, does MTV even play music videos these days?) This year’s show had a glaring lack of musicians! Definitely, musicians were on the shortlist and to fill the empty seats, along came in the Hollywood tag-a-longs (aka Kardashians and young actresses with things to promote).

Anyone else remember when the Video Music Awards truly were a BIG music event? They should go back to that. Sure, starlets have films and such to promote – but there’s something so endearing and community building when an artist gives an award to another artist. Peer-to-peer appreciation. It somehow doesn’t have the same effect when your statue’s passed off by a Kardashian, or a random cast member of Teen Wolf. #JustSaying

Anyway, excuse my rant…because there is true fashion to discuss. 10 looks in particular right here. And, so here it is: my Top 10 Worst Dressed at the 2014 Video Music Awards!


Amber Rose 2014 Video Music Awards

Amber Rose Throwback
Remember back in 1998 when Rose McGowan wore a similar dress on the arms of Marilyn Manson? Because I certainly do! This was obviously a throwback to that, and as I myself am longing for the brighter days at the VMAs, I actually really love this. But for prosperity, we’ll put it on the worst list. I mean, at these shows – the Worst Dressed is often really kind of the Best Dressed. You know what I mean 😉

Ariana Grande in Moschino at 2014 Video Music Awards

Ariana Grande in Moschino
While I LOVE that Moschino is become quite trendy among the starlets right now (kudos), I have to nix this as a worst because as someone who is all about staying true to your brand, stepping out clad in biker leather – but still wearing your adolescent hair do – seems like a big mistake. (Anyone else sensing a rebellion phase coming on?)

Becky G 2014 Video Music Awards Worst Dressed

Becky G Out of the Shower
I’m actually shocked that I know who Becky G is. It makes me feel ‘hip’. Not that I find HER hip, but just that I’m like hip on the lame singing in the shower songs all the kiddies are listening to right now. It looks like she and Ariana Grande either A) have the same stylist or B) are both in that awkward, I-want-to-be-sexy-and-thus-think-something-really-revealing-is–cute-even-though-its-actually-ugly coming of age phase (more likely).

Chloe Grace Moretz in Louis Vuitton at 2014 Video Music Awards

Chloe Grace Moretz in Louis Vuitton

This would be fine, if Chloe Grace Moretz was 40 and going to a business casual environment. But she’s actually 16 and going to the VMAs. So, yea…basically this doesn’t measure up at all. I appreciate the sugary, sweet cuteness…but it is MTV, try to at least have a LITTLE fun. (Then again, she’s clearly still very much in the good girl stage. Maybe she’ll go through her biker gear phase in time.)

Jessie J at the 2014 Video Music Awards, Worst DressedJessie J In Vintage Curtains

My first memory of Jessie J was her wearing a second skin jumpsuit with the appearance of an anatomy infographic from Biology 101. Oddly, this makes me long for that!

Julianna Hough in Emilio Pucci at the 2014 Video Music Awards

Julianna Hough in Emilio Pucci
No idea why Julianna Hough was there, but I feel sad that someone decided to drown her in this Emilio Pucci. And it’s absolutely not her fault. (Except, of course, that she could look in a mirror and say no.) Honest: this is a very difficult design to pull off – and basically requires that you’re 5’10 or above. She’s petite, and obviously not…and is clearly just holding on for dear life in this. Really not good.

Katy Perry in Custom Throwback Versace at the 2014 Video Music Awards


Katy Perry in Custom Throwback Versace

Here is another honary ‘Worst’ dressed. Because, I mean – I can never officially condone a denim ballgown. But this IS genius. Those of you who live under a rock might not have seen this vintage VMA look from Britney and Justin on the red carpet back in the (good old) day. Katy Perry’s campiness usually gets on my nerves but I love this, through and through! It sort of makes you believe B&J are back together and all is right in the world. Wouldn’t that be, the BEST!

Kim Kardashian in Balmain at the 2014 Video Music Awards, Worst Dressed

Kim Kardashian in Balmain

Because it just WOULDN’T be an awards show without Kim’s needless, why-is-she-there cleavage making an appearance. *yawn* This looked HORRIBLE in action on screen. Made her look super short, square and like she may have spent the night in a teepe.

Nina Dobrev in Zuhair Murad at 2014 Video Music Awards, Worst DressedNina Dobrev in Zuhair Murad

I really wanted to like this. I used to really love Zuhair Murad, but they’ve been disappointing me a lot lately. With all the options out there, why in the world would anyone go with this one? Nina is definitely far too pretty a girl for this dress. It’s not flattering, at all. Rather than being fun and flirty, it’s aging her and adding extra weight. Tip: Ruching needs to be contained, not left to roam free all over. Then, her Ariana Grande pony? *sigh* I do like the makeup though..so let’s just go with that.

Taylor Swift in Mary Katrantzou at 2014 Video Music Awards, Worst DressedTaylor Swift in a Mary Katrantzou Onesie

I teetered back and forth between putting this on the Best or Worst list for quite some time. In fact, it was actually on the Best list before I had a last minute change of opinion. And if this wasn’t a onesie, it would remain there. Even if it was just a short micro-mini, I’d be liking it. Because, it’s young and it’s fun. I think Karlie Kloss has had a positive influence on Tay-Tay’s style. She’s taking more chances. I mean, this IS the girl that wore the same gold, sparkling dress in a million different variations to a million different events. Point is, she’s branching out. Do I think she needs to turn this into a dress and not a onesie? Yes. Do I also think this is one of her best looks at the same time? Yes. (Great shoes btw.)


I’m positive everyone’s Best and Worst Dressed lists are going to be different for this year’s VMAs. There were a lot of polarizing looks, which makes for a lot of great, fun debate! Please, by all means let me know whose look you were hating – or loving. I’m always interested in what your opinions are.

In case you missed it, here is my Top 10 Best Dressed list.

Also, the red carpet fun continues tonight with the Primetime Emmy Awards! If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter where I’ll be commentating on all the red carpet looks, aswell as the awards themselves.


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  • Colormelimitlessly by Kaisha

    I agree on Kim K-W’s dress. It made her arms look like it was stuck at her sides, and while watching many just could not get over how it made her shoulders look on screen. What killed it even more was how the camera kept showing Kim K-W next to her taller sister, Kendall. Taylor Swift’s outfit gave me the same mixed feelings. I love the shoes though. However, I feel that she could have wore it with a gold plated belt to make a real statement.

    • Yea, the whole thing made her look short and stumpy. And standing next to statuesque Kendall didn’t help matters. I did like her hair? haha xoxo

  • I agree with most of this! Taylor should stick with the dress at the awards shows, and chloe looks great but maybe should wear something more dressy to the awards show! Yeah, do they even play music videos anymore? I was wondering the same thing!


  • I hated taylors outfit she has done so well lately too, and ariana grandes boots are awesome though you have to admit 😉 xxx

    • Taylor looked GREAT from the waist up. Below that was…ugh. There’s something about the VMAs where she always goes wrong. xoxo