2014 MTV Video Music Awards : 10 Best Dressed

2014 Video Music Awards, 10 Best Dressed

Happy Monday dreamers!

Did you watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night? Because I did – and oh is there stuff to talk about. Fortunately (or unfortunately) Dream in Lace is not a gossip site – so I can’t quite rag on about the Beyonce performance and how beautiful it was, but also how extremely awkward it was at the same time given all the family drama we’ve been reading about in her world. But what we can talk about is how GREAT Beyonce looked, and we shall – plus nine other names that also looked great. So, with no more fuss let’s just get into it.

Here is my Top 10 Best Dressed List at the 2014 Video Music Awards!!

Beyonce at 2014 Video Music Awards, Best Dressed

Queen Beyonce Looking Radiant

Beyonce was a latecomer to the ceremony, making it seem that she might just bypass the red carpet all together – but being the pro that she is, she rallied and walked the carpet. Looking radiant! If there’s a way to silence the gossip around you, it’s to show up looking so beautiful we’ll all be rendered speechless. Job. Well. Done. Bey!

Charlie XCX at 2014 Video Music Awards, Best Dressed

Charlie XCX Goes Wild

If there is ever a place for a sexed up Tony the Frosted Flakes Tiger costume, it is the MTV Video Music Awards. And so, mass props on that. Love the shoes, could do without the bag…but overall, a solid effort. Too bad things went to shambles in her pre-show performance, but we’ll just not go there 😉

Demi Lovato at 2014 Video Music Awards

Demi Lovato is a Lady in Red

It was SO GOOD to see Demi Lovato looking mature and glamorous. Not that she looks bad all the other times, she just doesn’t quite ever look this pulled together. The shoes do seem a bit questionable, but overall I’m happy enough to give that pass. Or, in the words of Demi herself, ‘I REALLY don’t care!’

Gwen Stefani in LAMB at 2014 Video Music Awards, Best Dressed

Gwen Stefani Is Still the Coolest

Did anyone else get extremely excited when you saw that Gwen Stefani showed up? Because, after Britney – if there’s any female artist that rules the VMAs, it’s Gwen! The past few years I haven’t listened to or read up on anything regarding Ms. Stefani (or Rossdale), but suddenly I’m like craving her. I think I’ll be watching The Voice even, which is insane because I don’t really do competition shows at all. But on this, I love it. It’s LAMB, of course…and represents everything that we love about Gwen. If anyone is a master at self-branding, it’s Gwen. Get it!

Holland Roden at 2014 Video Music Awards

Holland Roden In White

Holland is so gorgeous. I keep struggling to follow through on watching Teen Wolf, but I really want good things for her. So it’s great to see her working these (probably contractually obligated) events to her benefit. She looks fresh, young and perfectly summer appropriate.

Iggy Azalea in Atelier Versace at 2014 Video Music Awards

Iggy Azalea in Atelier Versace

I’ve noticed a trend, Versace really loves to throw out a couture gown for the VMAs. Last year Selena Gomez was the lucky lady of choice, this year it was Iggy Azalea. And if there is any couture that’s MTV appropriate, I guess you’d have to give it to Versace. I really loved this gown on the runway, and love it even more on Iggy. She brings out the coolness in such an effortless and approachable way.

Kylie Jenner at 2014 Video Music Awards, Best Dressed

Kendall Jenner in Black

It doesn’t thrill me to admit I love something a Kardashian was wearing, but I suppose I can’t fault Kendall for who her family is. Bottom line, she looks sleek and edgy. And, not in the LEAST bit flashy (*cough* Kim *cough*). It’s a lot of fun watching her style evolve, I must say.

Miley Cyrus at 2014 Video Music Awards, Best Dressed

Most Improved: Miley Cyrus

And the award for Most Improved definitely goes to Miss Cyrus. Last year she was a bit of an eyesore, both on and off the stage, but this year she looks pulled together and, frankly, quite adorable. I’m always so happy when the true Miley shows up, and not the campy-for-show Miley. Real Miley is truly talented and adorable, not to mention extremely sweet. How KIND to allow her acceptance speech to be taken over by a call to help homeless youth in California. Keep it classy Miley. It’s better this way!

Rita Ora in DKNY Atelier at 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Best Dressed

Rita Ora in DKNY Atelier

It dawns on me, that while I basically know what Rita Ora is wearing every day of her life – I don’t actually know that much about her music. So, I’m so glad to see her becoming a staple on the Stateside red carpets. And how apt that she came dressed in red. Donna Karan definitely has a way with red, as does Rita. Awesome + awesome = gorgeous!

Solange Knowles in HM at 2014 Video Music Awards, Best Dressed

Solange Knowles – Hair Full of Secrets

Shout-out to Mean Girls! Sorry, I had to. Because that IS truly some hair. You know, I really respect Solange Knowles. And no, not for elevator tactics, but because of how artfully she tiptoes around smart fashion decisions. Her choices are never predictable and always interesting. This pantsuit is H&M and is really beautiful. The pants in particular are perfectly tailored, and I love the decision to leave a shirt out of this. Everything Solange wears is fashion forward, and it’s high time I give her official props for it. Well done!


If you’re craving more VMA looks, check out my Worst Dressed List – which features quite an array of styles, and people. And I just know you guys aren’t going to agree with me on everything, so let me know who topped your Best list. The fashion at the VMAs is always a bit all over the place, and it’s fun to see where the looks go over with everyone else.

Also, I know we’re still tired from the VMA’s, but tonight is the Primetime Emmy Awards and I will be tweeting up a storm! So definitely follow me on Twitter, and meet me back here tomorrow to go over the Best & the Worst of that!

Wishing everyone a fantastic week!

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  • Demi has just gone from strength to strength over the years and she is looking fierce, and Iggy can do no wrong xxx