Yay or Nay Monday : Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish

wet n' wild megalast nail color, wet n' wild nail polish

I’ve seen a lot of people say positive things about the Wet n’ Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color, and so when I was able to work a deal and get 3 for $3, I of course had to jump on it. And I’ve got to say, immediately I was sucked in by the gorgeousness of these vivid, bright colors for spring and the quality of the packaging really blew me away. I mean, this is Wet n Wild…not exactly known for their spectacular packaging…no offense or anything. In fact, usually with Wet n Wild the packaging totally sucks but the product itself is miraculously great! They do some really quality eyeshadow and blush products. Their lip products are somewhat drying but also really kind of awesome.

With an extensive list of ‘Dos’, I went into this with high hopes that I finally found a cheap nail polish that I liked. And at application, I was pretty impressed. The formula is quite thick and creamy, and very nicely pigmented. Although I did find that things could veer into the ‘streaky’ direction, which seemed allowable given that I paid only a buck for these bad boys.

Wear wise though?

I was extremely disappointed.

Look, I like to paint my nails, I really do. However, I don’t like it so much that I want to be doing it every day. I like to get 4-7 days out of a polish before I’m ready to mix it up again. This polish though I was like desperately needing to redo my nails after day 2. I wouldn’t say they ‘chip’ either, as the formula doesn’t really flake off into chips. But somehow, it just completely vanishes and you’re left having to conceal your nails at a work function because you really don’t want to be that girl¬†who is at a nice professional event wearing bald patches all over her fingernails. No, these polishes are definitely not going to earn you any brownie points in the work department.

So, alas, I have to give these a big nay. And even though they’re Wet n Wild and extremely cheap, I’m left really disappointed because I’ve come to expect to be pleasantly surprised from the cheap corner of the drugstore.

Have you tried the Wet n Wild Megalast polishes? What was your experience like?