How To Be: Alison DeLaurentis of Pretty Little Liars

alison dilaurentis fashion, pretty little liars, pll, red trench coat

At last it’s Friday! I feel like I keep saying that week after week, but I’ve been really wearing myself out before week’s end. The freedom of the weekend is also very tasty! Today, I’m continuing my countdown till Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars finale by examining the style and attitude of the true Queen B of the show: Alison DiLaurentis!

Meet Alison DeLaurentis

Love or hate her, Ali’s definitely not boring! She manipulated the lives of basically every character on the show prior to her disappearance. And since, she has faked her death and continued to  manipulate the lives of those around her. She’s kind of the walking definition of conniving and it’s definitely kind of awesome.

Fashion in Ali’s world is really sort of sugary and sweet. Which is ironic, as she herself is anything but sugary and sweet. Yes, she comes with a sharp bite – but her fashion does not. We mostly see Ali in flashbacks. So perhaps her personal style has changed since being a ‘dead’ girl on the run. But, her style freshman year of high school, at least, was very floral, princess-y and pretty. Ali was pretty in pink, all while bullying those around her to submission!

alison dilaurentis, pretty little liars fashion, pll
alison dilaurentis, pretty little liars fashion, pll

Breaking Down Ali’s Style

Color, ruffles and breezy fabrics. All key elements of Ali’s wardrobe. We often see Ali in a loose top, worn with a belt. It gives her a more fierce finish. And when it comes to fierce, her courage is rather fierce in itself…wouldn’t you say? You have to admire Ali for always having the gall to push people. She looked at those around her as puppets, dolls…and it didn’t exactly get her anywhere good, did it?

How to BE Ali?

To be Ali, one would definitely need to sharpen up her attitude, bulk up on the insults and devour secrets like cereal for breakfast.  

Perhaps I should aspire to live like Ali, and use her “out there” way of living to inspire more bolder personal choices. Ali never lives in fear of how people will respond or react to her. She simply does what she wants, without concern for anyone but herself. For me – I like to be considerate of others, but that possibly comes at a price. 

No doubt, it’s definitely fun to theorize on what it would be like to be Ali for a day. What trouble would I get into? Lots!

And Now, Ali-Inspired Fashion!

alison dilaurentis, pretty little liars fashion, pll
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Of course, this wouldn’t be a true Ali post without acknowledging the iconic red, hooded trench coat she sports in season 2 on. I have a red trench coat, and I confess…it does come with a bit of Ali’s essence. Unfortunately, it is tricky to find a hooded red trench coat. But hood or no hood, it’s something I think we can all use in our closet. Not only is it the perfect coat for concealing your identity as on PLL, but it’s also an instant way to amp up an outfit.

alison dilaurentis, pretty little liars fashion, pll
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So, as it’s Friday…think about Alison DiLaurentis as you start your weekend. Have a lot of fun, be a little bit devious…and don’t worry about any of the consequences! Just be sure not to go too far. No faking your deaths please 😉

What do you think about Ali’s fashion? Let me know!

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