Discovered: Artliner 24H Dupe

lancome, artliner, loreal, telescopic, eyeliner
Lancome Artliner 24H has definitely received a lot of hype for its precision and long-wearing properties. But ringing in at $30 a pop, it’s certainly no budget-friendly buy. When I purchased this I was excited, but over time felt the pain of such a price tag and really wished for a cheaper version. Enter L’Oreal‘s new Telescopic eyeliner in the waterproof formula. I picked up this eyeliner in a recent drugstore haul (see here) and was happy to discover it is quite similar to the famous Artliner! Not to mention, at $9.99 it is a much better value.
lancome artliner, loreal telescopic
The eyeliner applicators share a similar design, with the L’Oreal version being only somewhat shorter – which is actually an improvement. My one complaint about the Lancome Artliner is the way the applicator isn’t very easy to maneuver a tight space such as your inner corner. Sometimes it gets in its own way, so to see L’Oreal take that applicator and shorten it seems like a bit of a gift. Both applicators are great, but if I had to pick a favorite – the drugstore L’Oreal version is my favorite! *gasp*
lancome artliner, loreal telescopic, makeup dupe
lancome artliner, loreal telescopic, eyeliner, makeup dupe
Formula wise, these are identical. The black is the same, the length of wear is the same, the consistency and even the removal is the same. An identifier of the Artliner 24H is the way it peals and flakes off in specks. It doesn’t streak off like other eyeliners, so when removing – you can blindly tell when all the product is gone because you literally don’t feel it anymore. It is this very thing that made me identify the L’Oreal version as a dupe. Both apply and wear the same, but in removing them I thought ‘By golly, these actually are the same!’
I am so excited to have discovered a drugstore dupe to the Lancome Artliner! Both are definitely great products, so whatever your wallet decides…you’ll be getting a fantastic eyeliner. My recommendation, if going for basic black: get the L’Oreal version. It’s a third of the price and every bit as great, if not better. Don’t completely discount the Lancome Artliner though. They have a range of really beautiful and vibrant colors that will decorate your eyes, creating a colorful and unique look. So to mix things up and introduce a different shade to your eyeliner collection, I highly recommend picking one of those up as they do create a great line and literally last ages.
Both of these products will not come off until you take them off! Honestly! They are essentially a permanent feature of your eye until you tell it to go away 🙂
Have you tried either of these eyeliners? What’s your fav?